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Monday, January 23, 2006

Wells Fargo Bank is Helping Illegal Immigrants

This shameful bank is helping illegal immigrants to open savings or checking accounts for sending money back home, mainly to Mexico and now Wells Fargo is going to offer home loans designed for illegal immigrants. If you do business atWells Fargo, do your nation a favor and please find a new bank. A spokesman for Wells Fargo said "the money of illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants is just as green as anyone else's" I wonder if the people of Wells Fargo think that about the money of all criminals like the blood money of drug dealers. I don't know where Wells Fargo draw the line in the sand but i do know where Americans should. We should just say NO to Wells Fargo.

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Anonymous said...

I agree and I work at Wells Fargo where we are told to cash the checks for the illegals (even without proper identification)for the business owner banks at Wells Fargo. Amazing what they will do for a $$$.