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Monday, January 02, 2006

Bill Clinton up to his Old Tricks, Dishonoring his Wife

Lets call this one "Barely Legal" cause I am sure Bill is man enough to wait til she is at least 18 years and one day.
Big Improvement since Monica

I wonder where Hillary was when this picture was taken. Just look at the smile on Bill's face, thats the look of a really happy man standing next to a hottie he really want to"bonk." That look in his eyes say "i am going to disgrace my family and marriage again." Poor Hillary with all these liberal young shirts around Bill who are probably willing and able to help Bill dishonor his wife again and again.

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dale said...

This is the dumbest post ever. You're so stupid that all it takes is a picture of Clinton with a young woman to make you jump out of your seat hysterically.

You really are an idiot, and I mean that.