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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Planned Parenthood Condoms are Defective

Planned Parenthood is a deadly choice in more than one way!

According to the new Consumers Reports magazine the leading abortion provider in America Planned Parenthood with their own brand of condoms performed the worst among 23 different condoms, bursting during a test in which the condoms were filled with air. Planned Parenthood distributing free defective condoms is not a surprise to me, an immoral big business like Planned Parenthood selling abortion services nationwide always need new customers and it seem to me they are actively making new customers. Defective condoms provide Planned Parenthood with more unborn babies to kill but the last i heard there is no cure for AIDS, I wonder what a person using a defective condom provided by Planned Parenthood to do if infected with a STD?


Malott said...

Thanks for this story... I found you in the comments at the Preaching Politics blogsite.

Nice site. I'll be back.

yoyoimut said...

To Myron:
Thanks for your comment at ny blog (yoyoimut.blogspot.com). First, I'll let you know that I am againts abortion, and the article I made in my blog didn't relate to any planned parenthood program.

If you read the first sentence you'll know that I'm proud with the huge Indonesian population. It's the only thing here (in Japan) that I can be proud of. If my professors or friends here ask me about Indonesia (usually they don't know much about it), I will answer that Indonesia is the world's 4th most populated country with more than 300 ethnic groups with more than 300 different languages. I always wish that someday Indonesian population would surpass United States one day.

Actually, Indonesia is known as the bad country (low GDP per capita, low HDI, full of terrorists, full of natural disasters like tsunami, earthquakes, flood, corruptions, etc.) If you read Yahoo news about Indonesia you will notice it. In my article I can't proud of the GDP and the HDI of Indonesia. I have a dream someday Indonesia will have a huge population, high GDP, high HDI, no corruptions. Maybe it's just a dream.