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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

al-Qaeda Agree With the DNC Point to Point

The Democratic National Committee says America is losing the war in Iraq, al-Qaeda agree.

The DNC says America is speding too much money fighting the war in Iraq, al-Qaeda is in full agreement.

Howard Dean, the head of the DNC says America is fighting an unjust war, Osama bin Laden leader of al-Qaeda says the same thing.

Democrats claim American soldiers are torturing detainees in Guantánamo Bay, Osama bin Laden support this claim.

DNC want America to pull out of Iraq right now, Osama bin Laden also want a pull out right away.

Howard Dean said "U.S. can’t win Iraq war” , Osama bin laden said basically the same thing.

Dems claim Iraq is another Vietnam and Osama bin laden claim the same.

Dean and his crazy Democrats attack Bush because of the mission accomplish statement he made after the fall of Saddam, OBL attack Bush for the same statement.

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Joe Campbell said...

your facts aren't quite right here, guy.

al Qaeda believes we aren't spending enough in Iraq--Bin Laden said in his 2004 election speech that he believes that Iraq is a swamp in which America can sink all its money with little effect, as the Soviet Union did in invading Afghanistan; by this logic, Bin Laden wants us to spend more in Iraq, because he does not believe we will be able to succeed...

also, the Democratic party doesn't seem to have a unified position on how much we should spend in Iraq--some say that Bush has underfunded or just bungled it and we should spend more; others say we should immediately withdraw as Rumsfeld has been suggesting since we took out Saddam...

in terms of Guantanamo, few people deny that we tortured people there, and in Iraq and Afghanistan. the FBI has reported it; the military police have acknowledged it; a recent military court martial trial accepted the defendant's plea that he was just following orders when he tortured and eventually killed by suffocation an Iraqi general who had voluntarily turned himself in. the fact is, we have tortured people at Guantanamo and elsewhere--and Democrats have not made this a big issue as much as John McCain and Captain Ian Fishback have, to their credit.

Bin Laden doesn't want us to pull out of Iraq right now--or at least, he has never said so. he wants a war with America, but based on the intercepted letter between Bin Laden's top aide and Zarawaqi, he doesn't approve of Zarawaqi's methods in Iraq because he feels they are counter-productive. this seems to be true with the anti-American insurgency turning on Zarawaqi's terrorists.

I am not sure that Dean has said we are fighting an "unjust war", though he may have disagreed with many aspects of it. Bin Laden certainly believes so--but he is glad we are. Dean certainly is not glad we are in Iraq.

overall, your points seem to be based more on your partisan preconceptions than any understanding of the facts as they have been publically acknowledged...