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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kanye West is Addicted to Pornography

When rapper Kanye West is not too busy bashing Pres. Bush with comments like "Bush Doesn't Care About Black People," he is busy filling his huge desire for porn. Recently his mother Donda confronted him after she discovered how much money he spends on pornography. She found a $500 bill her son Mr. West got from a porn store, one bill for five hundred dollars form a porn shop is amazing. WOW! Reports say Kanye West has been addicted to porn since he saw his first Playboy magazine at the age of five. Now we know why Mr. West lost his mind on NBC, he didn't get his porn fix that day. When The Rolling Stone is reporting on your addiction you know you have a problem but this porn thing is crazy. What ever happened to "normal" addictions to things like alcohol or crack-cocaine, hopefully Kanye West can get help before he OD on his porn problem.

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supplymadam said...

Do you think Bush cares about "Pornographers"?
Yeah Bush doesn't care about black people,blah,blah,blah.
And the government of NO does? If they are so caring I digress to wonder why didn't they use the federal money they received for evacuation training for just that purpose. Talk about a corrupt government!
My question would be "How much worse off is the African American community now than when Clinton was in office?
But of course if Clinton or Gore were in office the levees would have never collapsed and they would have been the first responders,not.
The Bush Administration was the first ones to start a study of this in regards to a catergory 4 hurricane.He started the ball rolling but unfortunately the study was not complete yet. But it was more than the Clinton administration was doing about it.
I wonder if this happened under Clinton and believe me the outcome would have been the same,would people be saying "Clinton doesn't care about blacks"? Of course not! And "You know what I am talking about"