"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

John McCain Cannot Become President

Senator McCain will stab conservatives in the back quicker than President Bush. McCain is everything I hate so much in Bush and Carter combine in an asshole bigger than Gore. The lying stealing open-marriage phony valueless lesbian anti-American socialist elitist Hillary Clinton can be trusted more than John McCain.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Everybody Want Fucking Special Treatment

Screw equality and fairness, people just want to be treated better than the other guy. People might preach about equal rights, justice and tolerance but most of them are not out for those things. The ACLU, GLAD, NAACP, NOW and fucking NAMBLA are all groups manipulating the system for special treatment rather than working for equality. Some of these groups want things that they would deny others base on skin color while others want things they call rights that have never existed before in the World. They just want to screw over society and remodel it for their own benefit and special enjoyment.

Pres. Bush has Turned the Senate Over to the Dems

35 Republicans oppose
4 Democrats oppose


one Independent, 23 Repub;icans and 36 Democrats support amnesty for illegal aliens

The Liberals Assholes both Dems and Republican won. Thanks to Pres. Bush, liberal leftists are getting what they want at the expense of America.

But we did get one good thing out of this mess, we now know for a fact who the scumbags Republicans are in the Senate and who the good guys are that deserve our support.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Stupid Republicans

Denny Hastert Republican from Illinois must be the biggest fool in the GOP Pres. Nixon. I was shock when I saw Speaker of the House Hastert standing with the most liberal of Democrats defending William Jefferson, the Democrat congressman from Louisiana that was caught on video taking $100, 000 in bribe. The dim-witted Republicans in Congress like Rep. Hastert have some how managed to not only stain themselves with their own corruption but also the corruption of Democrats. I wonder what is in Denny Hastert’s congressional office that may be have interest to law enforcement.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mexican Asshole President is in the United States

May God Help us all while this Mexican Slave Runnuer is in America

Monday, May 22, 2006

I Never Want to see Another Bush in the White House

I have been saying NO more Clintons for years now and i am saying No more Bushies. Even if President Bush changes and become a great conservative president, i still say no more of that family. The Bush klan is nearly as bad as the Clinton stain makng klan and for that conservatives should feel a little ashame. If another Bush runs for president in my lifetime, I will actively campaign again him or her in my town. The Bush family seems to me to be liberal leftist internationalist elitist out of touch fools that are waiting to say anything that will get them elected and then screw those who elected them over hard.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Democrats Want to Lynch Duke Lacrosse Players

Democrats and all scumbag leftists in the media so desperately want to believe the stripper accuser over the three white Duke lacrosse players. They believe three middle or upper middle class white boys must be evil asshole rapist and the black stripper must be an innocent victim of institutional racism by America. Only one problem, the evidence support the Duke lacrosse players while there is no evidence to date that cooperate the stripper’s story. Yet, Democrats in the Media like Alan Colmes, Susan Filan, Ted Williams, Ellis Henican and Nancy Grace are willing to slander the Duke players on the word of a drunken stripper without evidence of a rape of any kind.

And since the leftist assholes in the media cannot get the Duke players on rape charges, they are going after them on everything else. The Duke players are getting attack by the open-minded leftist hypocrites who believe in college “experimentation” because they hired a stripper for their party. The fact that they hired a stripper for a college party that had alcohol is now being used to say that they are out of control rapist jocks. I wonder if all the men who attend or hire strippers to perform at parties where alcohol were being served are rapist. If that were true, that would mean that we have tens of millions of rapist in America.

American Genocide: Over 45 Million Dead Since 1973

Why the most powerful and technically sophisticated nation on Earth kill unborn human beings by the millions? Technically sophisticated we might be but morally sophisticated we are not. The millions killed in this country’s abortion mills will be a stain our national soul for many years to come much like how the Holocaust has stain the nation of Germany.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost Cause

President Bush is the greatest friend Mexico has ever had and he is the greatest domestic treat to American sovereignty since Jimmy Carter. We must move on and look towards the future in order to recover from another Bush mistake on our part. We got screwed over by Bush 41 and now we are getting the same treatment from his son Bush 43, thats a shame on us. Pres. Bush could have done great things but he chose to be to be mediocre much like his father. Pres. Bush seem to be unable to understand that importing a Third World nation like Mexico is a bad idea.

Here is my take on The War in Iraq. Pres. Bush has endangered the life of every men and women in the U.S military on the frontlines because he wants to wage a sensitive war against terrorist to improve his image among liberal leftist. I pray for all the people in the U.S Military while this fool is in the White House.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stop Abortion Now

The Way Some White People Act Around Black People

John Kerry being a funny asshole in front of the NAACP. And the foolish members of the NAACP just love the attention they are getting from their Loving New Master. The Dems got it so easy keeping some people happy its ashame they can't or most likely don't want to see the truth of their pathetic situation.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush’s Illegal Alien Sales Pitch is Comprehensive Shit

First of all, if I heard the word “comprehensive” one more time from a politician, I think I am going to strangle someone. When they talk about "comprehensive immigration reform," its code for doing nothing to stop the problem while continuing to screw over America. While these super rich politicians endanger the rest of us with their lax border policies, they will be safe protected by guard provided by taxpayers and gated communities with private security.

In his immigration speech, President Bush tried to sell illegal aliens to Americans as a part of a comprehensive immigration reform plan. This man is in love with illegal aliens, I think Pres. Bush cares more about the illegal aliens that have shown disrespect for American law as their first act when they entered this nation than his own legacy. I feel less safe and very much sick after hearing his “comprehensive” speech. He has lost touch with reality and is on his way to presidential mediocrity on a permanent bases.

What are Americans to do to support this great nation of ours? This situation is so bad, we are screwed if we vote for Republicans like Bush and we are double screwed if we do not vote thus insuring the victory of the Democrat fools on the socialist left.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bush: a Day Late and a Dollar Short

From what i have heard about what Pres. Bush is planning to say in his speech tomorrow, I have littlie to no expectation on seeing any positive results. Pres. Bush has contempt for the conservative base that put his ass in office last November. But more irresistible is his contempt for the American NATION, this guy is more concern about the welfare of Mexico than the United States of America. Its like he is a bitch to President Vicente Fox of Mexico willing to screw over America to stay in Fox's good grace.

What Pres. Bush is selling tomorrow I am not buying. But I must ask myself, why is he now putting fort solutions to the illegal immigration disaster that he has over seen for the last 5 years? With the crazy government spending, the crazy trade imbalance with China and the rest of the World, the massive expansion of government and the incredible growth of the national debt during his presidency have affectively crippled his administration. Conservative America support of Bush has dropped 25% since January and down to 50 percent from its highs during the Election of 91%. Think thing what Bush is offering tomorrow is window dressing to revive a failing presidency but his heart is still with those policies that has destroy his image in the eye of conservatives.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Media Obsess with Sexual Deviancy

From hot blonde teachers and their students getting together to Internet pedophiles polygamist, homosexuals, beastiality and brutal rapes the media is full with deviants of all sort. I am so tired of the endless sick BS from a cross America and the would tha he media can dredge up and put on the news (especially on cable news channels) that I am going out of my way to avoid watching the obsess sex freak reporters. Kids are dying in Africa, Asia, South America and even in the U.S of stupid easily preventable thing that requires awareness but the scumbags in the media are too busy distributing smut to care.

The sick thing is that stories that involved people with deviant lifestyles get good ratings on TV. In the wat bloody motor vehicle accident along highways get rubberneck viewers, so does accident of nature and society. Gladly, freak shows don’t stay in one location for too long. But the damn media is managing to find more and more different kinds freaks weekly, so this freak so is lasting long than the average circus. Hopefully they will get back to real news soon, in the intermediate time I will be watching financial news. CNBC

Friday, May 12, 2006

Border Security First, Everything Else Second!

First, Build the Biggest Concrete Wall the World has ever seen and than we will talk about legalization.

I Refuse to be Killed by Islamist Because of Liberalism

Liberal Anti-American Moron George Clooney

I do not care why they hate us; I just want to kill them before they can kill me or my family and friends. The liberal Americans sickened me when they asked, what did we do to them to cause them to attack us? They asked this stupid question just a few days after the attacks on September 11, 2001. These self-hating assholes blame America for the attacks on 9/11 and sympathized with the Islamist terrorist that are behind the attacks. But we should not expect anything better from people who have grown up hating America by their liberal hippie parents. These fat fucks enjoy all the benefits bestow on to them because they are in America. Yet, they would do anything and everything to undermine America. Liberal leftism is a mental disease that leads to suicide. If liberal fools like George Clooney have their way, millions of American will be dead at the hands of throat cutters from the Middle East.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

ACLU, the Enemy Within!

Why is the ACLU so determine to destroy America? Its like they don’t realize that they are in America too and the next time terrorist kill Americans, their kids may be one of the dead. I just do not get the suicidal nature of the ACLU. Only the bastard suicidal radical Muslim terrorist can understand where the ACLU is coming from with their BS. The war on the overseas enemies of America is half ass without confronting the enemy within our borders.The ACLU will one day cause a mushroom cloud to appear over one of our cities unless they are seriously challenged by officials for their relentless support of those who wish to bring death on millions of Americans.

Talking Point President

I am sick of the short and repetitive talking points from President Bush. Why can’t he talk to the American people like we are not suffering from attention deficit disorder? Just really simple one liners are what we have come to expect from Bush and it is not representative of a first World country. I now believe that Pres. Bush and his lack of communication skills and his administration’s inability to express complex ideas is doing more damage to the American conservative agenda than the liberal media establishment.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don't Invest in Liberalism: Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner stock price has gone from over $60 to below $10 within the last 5 years, now it is hovering around $17. A media company like Time Warner requires public trust and fairness if it is to attract an audience. From the content of CNN and HBO, Time Warner does not understand the meaning of the word “fairness” thus it does not have the trust of Americans.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Christopher of The Sopranos Infected with AIDS

The writers of The Sopranos have already undergoing plans to infect the Christopher character played by Michael Imperioli with HIV. Some say Tony Sopranos will die of cancer by the end of the season but that is still up in the air. I can't wait til the last episode of this show so i can finally stop watching HBO once and for all. I am becoming sick of this liberal channel with its radical leftist shows.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Boycott The Ford Motor Company

Good news, Ford sales dropped 6.6% in April.

BoycottFord.com and all Ford's brands

“For us, it was very natural to address gay families. We’re targeting people with modern day values. It’s a value set and the Volvo-minded consumer is very diverse. ‘Family’ is much more than the traditional family.” - Thomas Anderson, executive vice-president of Volvo Cars North America, a division of Ford Motor Company, on definition of family.

A portion of your money goes to the Homosexual Redefinition of Marriage Movement when you buy a product of the Ford Motor Company.


Friday, May 05, 2006

"Nothing Gringo Day" has been Extended

Gringo is a derogatory term in the Spanish and Portuguese languages used to refer to white foreigners, especially those from the United States
Illegal Commie Ass

Anti-American Mexican

Stupid White People

Illegals Have Strong Feelings About Bush

Delusional Mexican Who Want to Steal America

The radical leftist boycott of Americans and American products is being extended another week and across Central and South America. I guess the boycott of America by illegal immigrants in America was not enough to weaken the strong well of sensible people. Now the dirty bums want to break the back of America by starting an international boycott. I hope the Republicans that want to import cheap labor from the Third World realized that they would also be importing radical leftist inhabitants that make the Third World the Third World. There are good people in the Third World that understand that the problem with their countries is the neo-Marxist politicians that rape and pillage their countries with the hammer of socialism.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gayest Throw Ever

What the hell would compel John Kerry to even touch a football?

Getting Away With Murder Kennedy Style

U.S Congressman Patrick Kennedy, son of U.S Senator Ted Kennedy got a pass from the heads of the D.C police department after he crashed his car on the Hill near the U.S. Capitol Wednesday night. This drunken bum got a ride home following the incident from the police after he nearly crash into a police car. If Joe Nobody nearly killer two police officers with his car driving drunk, Do you think he would get a ride home?

Like father like son, Patrick Kennedy and his father Ted Kennedy are both menace to society. They both have gotten away with crimes that would have put the average person into prison with charges up to their necks. Hopefully Patrick Kennedy stop drinking and driving before he kills some innocent person. This was not the first time Patrick Kennedy got in trouble driving drunk but for the sake of human life, he should get some real help with his personal demons before he does a Ted Kennedy.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bush Support Illegals and Illegals Want his Head Cut Off

Isn't it funny how a so-called right-winger president is the main foolish supporter of a left-wing invasion that is calling for his head. We need a fence between America and Mexico yesterday but the foolish politicans are playing games to gain more money and votes. Bush does not realize the longer he leaves the border unsecure, the more South and Central American commie assholes we will see on our streets. I just hate damn commies and their stupid Che pictures.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hot Blonde Teacher Pamela Turner: Bad Bad Girl

Why are the female teachers arrested for fooling around with their students seem to be all hot blondes? Probably its because the news media only report this type of crime when an attractive women is in the center of the story. But where are all the hot brunettes and redheads?

But on a more serious note, beautiful women have a considerable advantage in the legal system over men and for that matter less attractive women. People seem to find it difficult to sentence a young pretty fit female to prison for the same crime committed by an ugly fat older woman. Studies have shown that beautiful women live longer than less attractive women by a significant margin.