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Sunday, January 22, 2006

''he West Wing' is Gone

NBC has canceled 'The West Wing" because of declining ratings, what will wacko liberals do on Sundays now? LOL. Americans can only take so much anti-American crap at a time and NBC has been turning it out. Speaking of crap, I am just waiting for ABC to cancel Star Jones fat ugly ass (and she is not ugly because she is fat, she is ugly because she is ugly) and please do it soon. There is nothing like a ugly person who think he or she is good looking.

I wonder what anti-American program is going to replace the axed 'West Wing" that did not even make the top 20 shows last year despite getting the full support of the mass liberal media. Probaby a show about a crazy priest and his crack-head family , no NBC tried that a week ago.

BONUS "Will & Grace" is gone too, just keep the good news coming!

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