"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Avoid Walking in Flood Water

Disease is a second storm now brewing in the Gulf States

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Conservatives Call for Pres. Bush’s Impeachment

Pat Buchanan called for President Bush to be impeach today because of is lack of action on the Illegal Immigration Crisis. I support Pat Buchanan call for impeachment 100%, if Pres. Bush gets his way the Republican Party will become a minority party for the next 30 years and America will be overcome with undocumented law breakers along with potential terrorist. Protect our borders and impeach Bush, that will send a message to the lifetime professional politicians in D.C. If conservatives impeach Bush then they will know we are serious about the Illegal Immigration Crisis. A nation that does not protect its border will not remain a nation for too long.

The only action that Bush can take to stop the called for his impeachment is to seal the borders and stop all illegal immigration. Then crackdown on companies that employ illegal immigrates. These companies usually write off labor provided by illegal immigrates at tax payers expense. We must stop the greed that endanger our country by those companies and people that have no respect for their country’s laws. The illegal immigrates is not the only ones disregarding American law. Even the President is in on the crime, impeach him and lock up all law breakers. Its not that we don’t have laws on the books to protect the border, it is that individual in government refuse to enforce them. From congress to the White House these individual with their special interest financing need to be held accountable.

The last thing I want is more Clintons, but Pres. Bush must be held accountable for is inaction. If it was a Dem in the White house today and 900,000 illegal immigrates coming into America each year we all would be calling for impeachment. The Republican Congress and the Republican White House inaction on the Illegal Immigration Crisis is what will guarantee Hillary in the White House in 2008. And that should scare us all!

Time to Drill in ANWR

With a barrel of oil over $70 and with hurricane Katrina knocking off oil supply from the Gulf, President Bush should going in front of the American people to call for oil production from ANWR. Pres. Bush must call on the American people to demand their congressperson and Senators vote to open ANWR to the country for clean drilling technology. Nearly 5 years ago Bush ask congress to allow oil production from ANWR but the radical left forced liberal Dems in congress to block Bush’s plans for ANWR that would lower the price of gasoline and reduce our dependence of Middle-East oil. And Katrina show us that we need to also worry about our domestic oil supply not only imports. Drilling in ANWR would farther diversify domestic oil production.

Katrina knocking off 10% of our national refinery capacity in the Gulf States, this would have been a whole lot less if a refinery or two was build in the last 25 years across the country. That’s right, thanks to the radical left and the Dems in congress a refinery have not been build in over two decades. Pres. Bush should take this hit to the national infrastructure to Americans with a plan to secure our energy supply needs. And Stop the radical liberal left’s efforts to drag us back to the Stone-age with their socialist anti-capitalist agenda. This is America not the USSR, we want to live and live good.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina will be Blamed on Bush somehow

The liberal main stream media will find some fault against President Bush after Hurricane Katrina does her damage to the Gulf States. And with this fault they will blame the disaster left be Katrina on Pres. Bush and is insensitive administration. From the price of gasoline after the storm to the people who couldn’t leave New Orleans for whatever reason, it will be blamed on Pres. Bush. NO MATTER WHAT Bush did before the hurricane or after the Hurricane he will be at fault for something.

If Pres. Bush ventured to Louisiana right after the hurricane they will blame on for going to the site of the disaster too soon and in doing so taking away attention from the aftermath and human suffering. If Pres. Bush ventured to Louisiana a day after the hurricane they will blame on for going to the site of the disaster too late and in doing so showing that he has no feelings for human suffering in the aftermath of a terrible event. In either case the MSM will go after Bush with a blind and persistent irrational rejection of logic and factual data in favor of agenda driven hate and fear mongering. The likes we haven’t seen since November’s election with the phony front page story about missing explosive in Iraq that just seem to disappear after the election. Or the phony CBS story we saw earlier that year that led to Dan Rather retirement after he tried to take down the Pres. Bush with fake documents.

If neither of these two scenario workout for the liberal bias main stream media, they will find something else. What ever they decided to use against Bush for Hurricane Katrina it will be ugly for him because if the great tragedy that the people of Gulf States will be enduring. Our Prayers to Those in the Path of Hurricane Katrina be Safe.

Good Time for Pres. Bush To End his Vacation

Only a couple of days left in Bush’s vacation but he should end it right now. I was against Pres. Bush’s summer vacation from the beginning not because I thought he would be unable to do anything from his ranch that he could do at the Wihe House. I was against it because it would be disrespectful to the men serving on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldier on the frontline of the war can’t take summer vacations, so why should the commander and chief who send them to war. I cannot understand why the Bush administration always open itself to criticism be the radical left and the bias liberal main stream media.

Hurricane Katrina is a call to duty Pres. Bush, your vacation is over.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ann Coulter for President 2008

Some times the best person for the job is a woman with a gun! Ann Coulter is able and willing to defend America from Illegal Immigration, Liberalism and Radical Islam. President Bush can learn a lot from her and he should do so for the sake of the country he is responsible for. Take the broken southern border issue. The Bush administration is asleep at the wheel. It so bad that even the Democrat governors from Arizona and New Mexico is positioning to be safe politically on illegal immigration. Ann Coulter has been trying to get the Bush administration to do something about illegal immigration for nearly five years now. But it took two Democrat governors slamming the Bush administration last week for them to finally start looking at this issue seriously. Michael Chertoff the head of Homeland Security finally announced new measures on the Mexican border problems. But is it too little too late for the Bush administration on illegal immigration. They should have listen to Coulter five years ago when the first took office, Pres. Bush’s legacy will be hurt for his liberal like inaction on this issue.

Click on Links Below for More Info.

Ann Coulter at anncoulter.org

U.S. toughens stance on illegal immigrants Homeland security chief proposes action after New Mexico, Arizona crackdowns by Eric Lipton, New York Times

Feds plan to act on border problems by Mimi Hall USA TODAY

Homeland Security Reviews Border Strategy in Two States that Declared Emergencies by LARA JAKES JORDAN Associated Press

You are Fat and You Need to Lose Weight!

New Hampshire doctor may lose his license for telling a 5’6” 260lb woman with diabetes she is obese and need to lose weight. That’s liberalism at work for you! When a fat woman can endanger a doctor’s license for doing his JOB by telling her his best advice on her health, that’s when we as a society has lost it. The liberal people who want to put everyone in some kind of sensitivity training like this fat woman in New Hampshire is what is wrong with America. They are filing compliant against a professional for his professional opinion because the professional’s advice isn’t sensitive. People don’t go to a mechanic, a stockbroker or a doctor for their emotionally sensitive advice. What are we going to see next, a doctor facing the possibility of losing his license for telling a homosexual because of his lifestyle he has AIDS and he is going to die? Or what about a doctor possibility losing his license for telling a woman because of her 4 or 5 abortions she can’t have a baby again? I hope the New Hampshire doctor get to keep his license and the obese woman with diabetes follow the doctor’s advice and lose 120lb for the sake of her health. Furthermore stop with the liberal sensitivity crap.

For More Info, Please Click on Links Below.

N.H. doctor on hot seat after telling woman she's too fat

Doctor In Trouble For Telling Woman She's Fat

Doctor called hurtful for calling woman fat

Woman files complaint over doctor's advice to lose weight

Obese Woman Angry That Doctor Advised Weight Loss

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

American Farmer Lost his Ranch to Illegal Mexican Aliens

Judge turned an American citizen’s land over to illegal immigrants in Arizona thanks to the anti-American organization named the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Morris Dees Jr., co-founder and chief trial counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which represented the immigrants, said he hoped the ruling would serve as a cautionary tale to landowners or civilian patrols”

So does this mean American citizen cannot protect their land from illegal immigrants crossing on to their property because of the risk of loosing everything? I think so; I am just disgusted with the state of the judicial system and the border situation. If they can take a man’s ranch from him in Arizona for protecting it from criminals, what is to stop them from doing the same to you? And the fact that they now are going to give the ranch to the illegal immigrants after they took it from the rancher that was just protecting the ranch from them was just a slap in the face. And not just a slap in the face of the rancher but a slap in the face of any American who would dare protect their property from trespassers.

Pres. Bush and the Federal Government are to be blame in part for this travesty. If Pres. Bush and the Federal Government were doing their Constitutional jobs protecting Americans from foreign treats, ranches in the Southwest wouldn’t have to take arms in protecting their property from thousands of illegal immigrants that have no respect for property or American law. I hope the rancher can sue Pres. Bush for the lost of his 1.5 Million dollar ranch he lost to Mexicans who illegally crossed in to America by bypassing Federal border security that Bush is responsible for.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU are taking advantage of the Liberal American Courts to imposed they will on us. The US Supreme Court limited our property rights last month in their immanent domain ruling. Pres. Bush and the Federal Government have decided to leave the Mexican border open for illegal immigration 4 years after 9/11. We the American people are being screwed by them system for money and power. These people are unaccountable for their actions if w don’t speak up and fight back.

PDF Copy of Court Papers, see How Lawyers Stole Ranch For Illegal Aliens Leiva vs. Ranch

For More Info Click on Links Below.

Illegal immigrants awarded ranch in border-justice twist
By Bill Conroy

Az ranch turned over to 2 illegal immigrants

Arizona border ranch seized, turned over to illegal immigrants By: BETH DeFALCO - Associated Press

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Barbara Streisand the Porn Actress Pioneer is Coming out against the War

I am SORRY for the GRAPHIC Nature of this Post, but I Want ot Make an Important Point.

In 1959 Barbra Streisand graduated from high school and moved out of her family’s Brooklyn home despite her mother's protests and moved to Manhattan. When she was in Manhattan Streisand worked odd jobs including working as a waitress and a switchboard operator while she was looking for work in the theater Using the name Angelina Scarangella. She was having a difficult time making ends meet and she was willing to do anything for momey. Young girl on her own for the first time in the big city needing quick money real fast for growing bills in 1959 New York could always turn to some form of prostitution if she had low morals. Barbara Streisand did sell her self for some quik cash, I bet she wish she could take this one back. She wanted to be a actress real bad and she was around the right crowed in New York in the theater district for her first role on camera. Money for sex is an old art, but sex on camera was an art pioneer by Barbra Streisand and other liberal sluts of her time.

Barbra Streisand is joining on the anti-war left-wingers’ Hollywood bandwagon. We don’t need moral advice from the likes of Barbra Streisand on what is best for us. What does she know about morals any way? She is like the oldest female big time Hollywood actress with a sex tape. And this was not a private home video that got out in the public; it was a hardcore porn that she got paid for shooting when she was 17. We don’t need national advice from a left-wing Hollywood whore.

Another pic from 1959

This one is from the 70's

From the two pictures above we can be sure this is Barbara in the porn. The face, nosie and the breast are the same. Their are sevaral sites on the web selling her porn, she denied its her after her bid to block it failed in court. Don't you just love the First Amendment!

Barbara Streisand Sex Tape by nudecelebritties.com

Monday, August 22, 2005

Wal-Mart Fighting for its Life While Selling America out to Red China

A number of unions from around the World are joining forces internationally to go after Wal-Mart. they are supposed to announce their campaign against Wal-Mart today in Chicago. They want to unionize Wal-Mart workers not locally through grass roots efforts but through global action. This is the strongest union action Wal-Mart as faced in years and this is the most unions have been united against them. If the unions win, Wal-Mart will end up like once great American companies and institutions that was overcome by the big unions. Like GM, Ford, American Airlines, United Airlines, textile industry, American health care system and public education, Wal-Mart would be reduce to a shell of it self.

I have been a big supporter of Wal-Mart and I just hate unions with their socialist vision of the World. Not to mention the entrenched corruption and mob connections that always seem to follow labor unions. But I will not longer support Wal-Mart because of their close ties to Red China. Everything in Wal-Mart says “Made in China,” even that tie shirts with the American flag and USA printed on them have the “Made in China” tags. If Wal-Mart made the investment they made in China in almost any other country even socialist India I would still be on their side. But not the Communist Republic of China, we have been misinformed long enough. Americans will not support Chinese communism and their military buildup anymore for the future of our own country.

Wal-Mart once was a great American company under the leadership of Sam Walton. But now they have put profits ahead of nation in a way that endanger our security. Its not all Wal-Mart falt, the Clinton administration appoved Chinese products in the American markts in a big way. And since the money is rolling in like mad cow the Bush administration is supporting this dangerous trade with Red China. I hope the unions don't succeed in their quest to unionize Wal-Mart but at this point I don't really care because I think Wal-Mart has spit in the face of the American people who would have supported them. So let them deal with the anti-American socialist unions from around the world on their own. Since they have been in a relationship with Red China for several years now, they should have experience dealing with anti-American socialists on their own.

Check these links out, today is the first day of the big meeting of unions on what they are going to do to deal with Wal-Mart.

Unions' gathering to target Wal-Mart

International unions gather in Chicago to craft strategy

Int'l unions to strategize in Chicago

In globalization twist, unions target Wal-Mart worldwide

Global Union Discusses Plans to Unionize Wal-Mart Aug. 22-25

Wal-Mart on minds of world's unions. Houston Chronicle - Aug 20, 2005

This is what sleeping with Communist gets you Wal-Mart, the Hell with you. I know it will hurt America to have the Neo-Marxist unions suck the life from Wal-Mart but it will probably hurt us more to let Wal-Mart continue to enrich Red China.

Iraqi Constitution Drafted

This drafted constitution mark another step forward for America and Iraq in our struggle against al-Qaida’s Iraqi insurgence. But by no means is this effort over, this success demands a stronger push forward because the insurgence will get more despite with each goal achieved by coalition forces.

Iraqi Constitution is being held up by the old guard from the Saddam Hussein regime, Sunni Arab elites are still trying to block the country from moving forward by warning against the drafted constitution. The Sunni Arabs tried to start a civil war, they tried to delay the first free Iraqi Election and now they want to stop the constitution. This constitution must move forward with or without the Sunni Arabs, we cannot wait for them to realize their absolute hold on power is over. The Iraqi Parliament has enough votes with the Shiite and Kurdish alliance to past the constitutional drafted. And they should, let the Sunni Arabs dig their own political graves.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Border Disorder and Politics

The Democrats are out maneuvering President Bush’s as a result of his misguided immigration policies. Pres. Bush is just as liberal on illegal immigration as the majority of Democrats across America. Pres. Bush and the demented Democratic Party want to give the 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty for breaking our laws without ending the law breaking. If liberals including Pres. Bush manage to give the 10 million or so illegal immigrants amnesty, what will stop the 40% of Mexicans who say they want to America? Mexico has a population of about 106,202,000 people, so over 40 million of them want to cross over to America. And if people like Pres. Bush get their ways, a good portion of them growing 40 million will be here soon. No one can blame Mexicans living in a corrupted socialist system from wanting a better life in American. But can anyone blame Americans for wanting to protect our standard of living and our laws?

President Bush has made a political decision on illegal immigration that’s not only disrespectful to the law but is a danger to national security. I have said this before and I will say it again, if terrorist cross the southern border like illegal immigrants and manage to cause another 9/11 scale attack; Pres. Bush will be impeach and be kicked out of office with the full support of conservatives. His disregard to illegal immigration and the border in favor of petty business interest and political benefits is a shame to the Republican Party. I expect this disregard to the national interest in favor of erroneous political gains from Democrats but not from a self describe conservative. Regan and Lincoln should be turning in their graves in disgrace with President Bush’s leadership.

Democratic politicians in the southwest are now trying to appear tough on this National Crisis because they unlike Pres. Bush can feel the pulse of the American people. And Pres. Bush is in fact setting up the GOP for national failure in 2006 with is lack of clear and decisive support of Middle America on this issue.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Form Vice President Al Gore son's Mug Shot

Form Vice President Al Gore’s son was arrested back in 2003 on drug charges in Bethesda, Maryland.
Where was Michael Moore when this young punk was conceived? Al Gore should demand a DNA paternity test for this Michael Moore look-alike.
Mugshots.com Albert A Gore

Thursday, August 18, 2005

CNN, the Communist News Network

CNN is short for Communist News Network not the Cable News Network. CNN's answer to FOX News constantly out ranking them in the ratings is to move further to the left into the land of Neo-Marxism and radical anti-American leftist groups like the ACLU. CNN seem not to be interested in any story that may depict Democrats, liberals, socialists, radical anti-American leftists or the Clintons in a bad light. CNN almost complete disregard to the Able Danger debacle in addition to their around the clock coverage of the anti-American protestors in Texas demonstrate their liberal bias and their irrational rejection of significant factual data in favor of agenda driven hate and fear mongering. The only time CNN report on the Able Danger debacle brought to us by Clinton administration is when the 9/11 Commission report lies, like a week age when they said that the never met with anyone from Able Danger. CNN never seem to have the time to retract or correct the lies they report, CNN just continue on with more lies or miss-information.

CNN could now be short for Clinton News Network because of their deal with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary told CNN through one of her representative that if CNN cover the Ed Klein book ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY’ that the Clintons would not appear on CNN again. The deal CNN made with the Clinton’s keep negative news about the Clinton’s on the back burner at the very best but more and more now they just don’t report anything that may upset the Great Stain Maker and his wife Hillary Clinton. For ignoring and help in covering up the Clintons dirty past, CNN will get first access to the Clintons for future interviews and leaks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

MS-13 Gang Brought to you by Illegal Immigration

MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha 13 is the most dangerous street gang in America today. They came to America by crossing the border with Mexico illegally and they are now trafficing drugs, guns, and more illegal immigrates across that border. These people are the scum of the earth and we are now learning about links they have with Islamic terrorist groups. This gang is well organized and is operated like a business; the fool you see above is just a blood thirsty soldier of MS-13 willing to do anything the higher-ups tell him.

Click on links below to learn more.
MS-13 Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border.

America's Most Dangerous Gang - MS13 - Violent, Vicious, and Spreading Fast.


Law Enforcement Agencies Take on MS-13

State Lawmakers Assess Immigration Challenges

Vicious MS-13 street gang bringing its blood lust to W.Va.13

MS 13 Gang Member Arrested

MS-13 gang trickling into rural W.Va. from Virginia

Feds gang up on MS-13, nab 63 alleged members

Homeland Security arrests almost 600 gang members

Illegal Immigration, Its About Security Stupid

According to an amazing new poll, conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, 4 in 10 adult Mexican citizens would move to the US -- and this desire is equally present in the lower and upper economic classes. This is, also, the first poll of its kind ever conducted. Looks like we're doing something right...
-- Larry Kudlow of Kudlow's Money Politic$

Larry said “Looks like we're doing something right.”

What are we doing right Mr. Kudlow? How about what we are doing wrong?

Making our country so desirable to Mexicans they are willing to break our laws and allow them to do so uncheck without documentation. Illegal immigration must be stem. The population of Mexico is about 100,294,000 and from the Pew Hispanic Center numbers 40% of the Mexican population want to come to the U.S. We already have 10,000,000 illegal Mexicans in America, 40% of 100,294,000 is over 40,000,000 people and that’s a crippling number. Let Mexico fix their backward socialist system by blocking them from dumping their poorest uneducated citizens on us.

Our health care, educational and social services can hardly handling the 10,000,000 that are already here, an additional 40 million for a grand total of 50 million would make America a third world country. Think about it, 50,000,000 poor people would cause the politicians to increase taxes on middle class America to support our social services and welfare system. I can believe so-called Republicans like Pres. Bush are will to allow foreigners to break our laws for their cheap labor.

The Democrats in the Southwest are moving to the right on this issue while President Bush moves to the left. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) declared a state of emergency on the states Mexican border last week Friday and Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) declared a state of emergency along Arizona's border with Mexico on Monday. The Dems are taking a conservative America issue and they are running with it. Even the Neo-Marxist Hillary Clinton is trying to put fort herself as being tough on illegal immigration.

I have said it before and I ill say it again, when Republicans play politics like Dems they lose like Dems. Just look at the Jeannine Pirro fiasco, northeast liberal Republicans set their case back by spring the fake Jeannine Pirro on us.

And for those Economic Growth-First Republicans it is not about the economy, illegal immigration is about security stupid. Well Street Journal writers and editors would praise the sale of American hydrogen bombs to Red China as a great symbol of international free trade and how far we have come to make such a deal. All this foolishness in the name of Economic Growth and free trade, while setting up our nation for a disaster. Damn sell America First Republicans are just as bad as the Blame America First Democrats. America is only safe when conservatives have their eyes wide open after they stop counting their money in the dark.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mug Shot of a Dem who Tried to Kill Republican Congresswoman Katherine Harris

This man is Barry Seltzer of Florida, he is a registered Democrat. On October 27, 2004 he tried to run down Congresswoman Katherine Harris with his car afterwards he claimed it was just an act of his "political expression."

Click on Links below for more on this Thug
Violence Mugshots
Barry Seltzer

Police: Driver Tried to Run Over Florida Rep. Harris

Bond Reduction Denied in Katherine Harris Aggravated Assault Case

“I was exercising my political expression.”

Katherine Harris's Car Trouble

The police report

The Dems hate this woman so much you got to love her, she is just great. Rep. Katherine Harris Announce her Senate Candidacy a week ago and she deserve our full support.

Katherine Harris for U.S. Senate at Electharris.org

She is Presidential material of the first degree, Watch out Hillary!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Abortion Pill RU-486 may Kill Both Instead of One

FDA and the CDC are investigating the abortion pill named RU-486 following the deaths of 4 women in California after they took RU-486. This chemical abortion pill is sold by Danco Laboratories under the brand name Mifeprex. 460,000 unborn lifes have been ended using RU-486 in America since it was approved in 2000.

Holly Patterson die after she took RU-486, she was 18.

Public Letter from the Parents of Holly Patterson

Autopsy Results Show Abortion Drug Caused Holly Patterson's Death

Danco Laboratories LLC Toll Free Phone Number is 1-877-432-7596, feel free to tell these killers your opinion.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Remember Halabja

Halabja, Iraq March 16, 1988

Did Saddam Hussein have WMDs? Ask the Kurds of Halabja

Up to 5,000 people die over a 2 day period
Wikipedia: Halabja poison gas attack

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Old Photo of the Con Man Jesse Jackson

Just a fool with the backing of the MSM and other liberal groups.
The fall of the Black family: socialist penetrate the proud hard working Black Community in the 60’s and we see the results today clearly. This man is guilty of aiding and abetting the White Liberals of America to destroy the Black family for his personal profit. Liberal America has done to the Black Community what they want to do to the rest of America. Jesse Jackson help opened the gate to the horrors in Black America while he counted his blood money.

Black America is now afflicted with crime, AIDS, homosexuality, welfare dependence, illiteracy and father less homes. Jesse Jackson should be ashamed for his actions in pulling down the Black family and as a result destroying the Black Community. Dr. Martin Luther King would be so sad if he saw what happened to his people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the communist that were trying to court him in the 50’s actually killed him because he wouldn’t allow the destruction of the family.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Presidential Serial Rapist

Why the so-called main stream media and so-called women’s organizations let Bill Clinton getaway with all his affairs, sexual assault allegations and sexual harassment settlements. Now we are hearing that he also raped his own wife and she is still with him in public at least, how sad.
Is this man a Serial Rapist and did he rape this woman?
Check these links out

FOX News Win MSNBC Loses Again

Rita Cosby is now on MSNBC and that is great for Fox News. The woman sound just like the way she looks, like a fat blonde pig. Getting Rita to move to MSNBC was a excellent move by the executives at Fox News. Not only did they remove a true disaster from their channel but they also send that human waste of a person (the disaster) to their competitor. Two birds with one stone, just genius move by Fox. I hope the executives at Fox News are now working on the Araldo Riviera problem, this guy is a true scumbag. Please send him to CNN, Araldo would fit in just fine there.

MSNBC is a shining light for media types for what not to do. The executives at MSNBC are batting a thousand for failure with their dim-witted moves. Putting Rita Cosby in primetime tells me these people have no idea of what they are doing. Surely they are not purposely trying to get low ratings and fail. The woman is ugly, stupid and she sounds like a monster. When she was on Fox News, this woman’s voice always caused me to change the channel every time she is on. Despite the fact that she is more of an unintelligent liberal then anything else, her voice should be enough to bar her from TV or radio. She is one of those undercover liberals like all the reporters and anchors on CNN that hide behind neutrality but if you watch them long enough and listen to them closely you get where they are coming from.

Rita Cosby the pig with a voice from Hell

Photos of the Day