"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Thanks Assholes for the Anti-American Mexican Flag Wavers

The politicians are the cause of this mess we see marching in American cities. They have imported a piece if Mexico that has contemn for the law and America. The politicians have chosen not to enforce certain laws that secure the borders of this country from drug dealers, terrorist and others that just hate America for being the greatest country on planet Earth. If it were up to me, I would first deport the politicians and then the illegal immigrants. The thing that separates America from Third World countries like Mexico is that we are a country of LAWS and that is the very thing that is threaten by the reckless behavior of greedy or shortsighted politicians. Instead of America having a positive influence on Mexico, its is Mexico having a negative influence on America by importing lawlessness and spurring the growth of morally corrupted politicians here in America.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pics of Republican Hottie Yvette Rachelle

Wow, thats hot!

Only $240 Billion to Remove All Illegal Immigrants

Today Sen. Ted Kennedy slipped and told the American people how much it would cost to send back all the illegal immigrants to their respective homeland. $240 billion is the projected cost of deporting the 12 million illegal immigrants that are here now. The bastard politician have been saying it would be impossible to deport the 12 million illegal immigrants that are here but $240 billion doesn’t sound impossible to me. This nation is nearly $9 trillion in debt so whats another $240 billion? I say if we spend $240 billion to deport the 12 million Mexican flag waving illegal immigrants, it would be money well spent.

But I do think this $240 billion is an over estimate by people who are against the deportation of illegal immigrants and are trying to scare America with an overly high estimate. The removal of the foreign flag wavers could cost the taxpayers of this country nothing if it is done right. If the employers of illegal immigrants were made to answer to the laws of the land, the illegal immigrants would lose their source of income and would have to self deport themselves And if Western Union, MoneyGram and other money wiring service companies were made to require proof of legal residency to send money overseas, illegal immigrants would be force to go back to their home country to take care of their dependence.

Beautiful Japanese Swords

The Katana, perhaps the Finest Sword Ever but definitely the Coolest.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dirty Leftist Hippies

Who would have guessed that two dirt people could ever rise to power in America? Bill and Hillary Clinton must smell just like the way they look in this picture, like shit. Only in America can two poor radical socialist hippies attain wealth and power second to none.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kimmie Meissner: America's New Golden Girl

Kimmie Meissner stunning performance at the World Figure Skating Championships scored a major upset and brought home gold for America. Kimmie Meissner is picking up where Michelle Kwan left off for America in figure skating. This girl is only 16 years old so America has a bright future in World class women skating, USA USA USA!

The Republican Establishment is Now a Whore

The none-conservative Republicans in the White House and in Congress are all whores taking money from anybody and everybody. Our Nation is what they are selling like a cheap two-dollar crack whore and thus even their kids future. And all conservatives that remain silent during this time of Republican crimes against America, shame on you. If the Dems were in power and doing the same things as the Republicans are doing now, there would be no silence from the now silent right. They too are whores, intellectual honesty is the comer stone of conservatism and those who accept the Bush administration and the Republican Congress’s crimes against America are not intellectually honesty.

The Quest for Slaves

I am sick of country club Republicans who care more about making money than ensuring the welfare of this country. I am not against immigration, what I am against is illegal immigration. Damn neo-con Republicans want slaves to work for dirt wages, these slave masters are not real conservatives. Conservative America ended slavery in the 1860’s but in 2006 the damn neo-cons are in charge and slavery is but in style.

Sen. Sam Brownback will not get the GOP nomination for 2008, he is a Bush clone. Any person that bend over to the will of neo-cons is not fit to be president. The liberal scumbags that switched sides in the 70's and 80's called neo-cons are negatively influencing once recpected conservatives like Bush and Brownback.

Bush is Kerry

You might have voted for Bush but you got Kerry instead. I listened to President Bush’s speech on Monday and as he talked about the illegal immigration situation that he as fostered in the last five years, I was stunned. Bush’s misrepresentation of conservative America’s concerns about the illegal immigration problem is an act of radical leftist liberalism. Pres. Bush fails to distinguish between illegal immigrants and immigrants that abide the laws of this nation. It’s an insult to every person that has respect for American laws and especially law-abiding immigrants. He as lost my respect yesterday after weeks and months of far-left liberalism. In Bush's leftist speech he called people concerned about the mess that is our borders racist and anti-immigration.

I expected this sort of distortion on issues of national importance from John Jerry and the rest of the Democrat Wack Pack, not from a self describe conservative Republican. I am sorry to say this but it is the truth, Pres. is morphing into KERRY. Damn John Kerry is in the White House. Conservatives and Republicans as well as all American loving people should separate and completely cut all ties with the out of touch Bush administration. George W. Bush is a radical liberal and thus a danger to America. He is on par with Sen. Kerry and Sen. Kennedy with his radical leftist maddest. Your President is John Kerry, if not he is worse than Kerry. He used and abuse the trust of miilions of Americans who voted for him against Kerry and he is no different. The liberals had two horses in the last two elections and we should accept this fact.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Selling Out America

We are no longer a county of laws and justice. America is now a nation of greed, no nation loyalty or sense of country. People who break the law and invade this nation are criminals and slaves of the greed of Americans without loyalty to anything but their bank accounts. Let the Mexicans have the entire damn thing now, move the capital to Mexico City and out source the U.S. Military to Red China.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

No New Laws Needed

Just enforced the Laws on the books now. To STOP the illegal immigration problem and protect the American borders, we need only one thing and that is enforcement. If the politicians and other public officials did their jobs, we would not be having this discussion. They are the problem, not the illegal immigrants who are trying to find better opportunities in America by leaving their socialist home counties.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Butt Ugly Guy with Really Hot Babe

Larry Page and girlfriend Lucy Southworth

Its good to see what $12.8 billion get you now a days, Google co-founder and bachelor billionaire Larry Page knows very well. It would kill me if I were this ugly and knowing a girl is way out of my league if it was not for my money. When people see a hot woman with a less than average man they wonder, in Larry Page's case there is no need to wonder. She is not with him for his good looks and i am going to guess that she is not a techie, so she is not with him for good conversation.

Hopefully Laryy remain very rich and him and Lucy have a great life together. But this liberal radical leftist is a joke, he remind me of that old man that marry Anna Nicole Smith. Hopefully Lucy spends alot of his money and reduce the amount he contribute to radical left causes and Dem Party. I always thought this guy was smart but looking at the picture above changed all that, this guy this a super rich fool living in Wonderland. Just Really Really Sad!

If the boys at Google kick me off blogspot for making fun of their boss, you will know why.

Marching Illegals

Where was the INS when all those illegal immigrants were protesting yesterday? This country is becoming more and more foolish day by day. Criminals that have no rights to be here march in the streets protesting the laws of this law while the police watch them unable to do anything. They must think we are asses and you know what, they are right. We are ASSES, we are damn fools thanks to the inaction of our public officials.

First Blood

BMW's new F1 team score it's first points last weekend in Malaysia. It was only two points but this the second race of the season was must better than the season opener in Bahrain two weeks ago wher neither cars finsh the race. I am expecting better things next week in Australia, hopefully a podium.

Friday, March 24, 2006

More and More Taxes

I hate New Jersey, this state must be the asshole of America. So sad that a few bad people in really high places can make a state crappy as HELL.

I am Sick of Spoiled Americans

"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what can you do for your country." --John F. Kennedy

When did America became a nation of people looking for handouts and special treatment? Despite what they say, they are not looking for equality because they don’t face discrimination. They want rights that never existed before and never should exist. Affirmative Action, Abortion, Homosexual Marriage, Income Redistribution, Illegal Immigration and Homosexual Adoption are all abomination of the liberal socialist left’s phony rights creation spare.

This Dirty Liberal Skank Uttered the Name Jesus

What would Jesus think of your unweaving support of abortions? This asshole that support abortions up to and including the 9 month has some nerve using the name of Jesus to defend illegal immigrants. Hillary Clinton and other socialist liberals throw temper tantrums when people mention the fact that Jesus is 100% against the murder of innocent human beings. I wonder if her skank husband ever infected her with some STD that causes mental illness.

Thursday, March 23, 2006



BoycottFord.com and all Ford's brands

“For us, it was very natural to address gay families. We’re targeting people with modern day values. It’s a value set and the Volvo-minded consumer is very diverse. ‘Family’ is much more than the traditional family.” - Thomas Anderson, executive vice-president of Volvo Cars North America, a division of Ford Motor Company, on definition of family.

A portion of your money goes to the Homosexual Redefinition of Marriage Movement when you buy a product of the Ford Motor Company.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Homosexual Adoption

Homosexuals adopting children is the next stupid idea of the twisted liberal socialist left since the idea of killing them with abortions. What will these morons think of next?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Abortion Love Affair of the Liberal Socialist Left

Leftist Liberal's Trash Bag

The death of innocent human beings brings great joy to the Liberal Socialist Left, which they see as their human right. How sad it is when one person’s right is the death of another? The ACLU and other Liberal Socialist Leftist organization have drill the idea that a woman has the right to kill a child as long as it is her own.

Doctors that are inline with the Liberal Socialist Left ignore the Hippocratic Oath everyday of their lives. These shameless scumbags that called themselves doctors who get up each day and go to their respective abortion mill took an oath. They swear to first do no harm as doctors but today they crash and then pull babes to pieces for five hundred dollars a pop.

The Liberal Socialist Leftist that control so much of the media avoid the details of their American Genocide and Worldwide Genocide of the most innocent and defenseless among us. The media promote the skank and slut lifestyle to young girls all in a seemingly twisted attempt to ensure the abortion mills get a steady fellow of homicide intended customers.

The love affair Liberal Socialist Left has for abortion is impossibly for rational people to understand. Much like a normal person cannot understand the sickness of pedophiles, a normal person cannot understand the institutionalize murder of human being forced on the World by the Liberal Socialist Left.

Monday, March 20, 2006

300,000 Dead in Darfur Since 2003

A severely malnourished 18-month-old girl
A baby badly burnt by bombs dropped by the Sudan Government

Radical Islamic Fundamentalists are committing the genocide in the Darfur region in Sudan. They have killed thousands of Christians and the famine that is the result of their violence has killed thousands more. The entire World has basically ignored this epic and brutal mass murder of Christians by Islamic Fundamentalists. 100,000 people are dying each year in Darfur and the damn liberal media in this country is stuck on sex related crimes. The media is more concern about exploiting people victimized by sexual deviants than informing America about an ongoing genocide.

The Black Laboratory

Black America is the personal leftist liberal experiment chamber and the results can be summed up by the word “failure” in the prospective of subjects. Or complete success in the prospective of the liberal leftist experimenters that crave dependence. All the bullshit policies that the liberals have implemented in African American communities across America are what we can expect in ever community if the liberal left takeover.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Feminist Murderers

Dumb people called feminist believe in order to women to be equal to men, women must have the right to kill her child. And they believe a woman’s right to kill her child should go far beyond abortions in the 9 month of pregnancy and should continue after birth. Have you realized how after a crazy woman kill her kid or kids in the case of Andrea Yates how the liberal left defend them and make excuse for these female cold-blooded murders. Feminists are in love with the death of newborn babes and other human beings in the early stages of development. Its like feminists need the blood of babes to wash their troubled souls.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am Anti-Illegal Immigration

I am very pro immigrant, I believe America should welcome people of good well that are willing to contribute to this nation. America must welcome people from around the World in an orderly and thoughtful manner. The physical barriers into this nation should be soldier as a steel wall; no one should be able to enter this nation as casually as walking across a line in the dirt. Blacks, whites, neither Asians nor Hispanics should be allowed to enter America without being process. Race this not a factor and these who say people who want to enforce American borders are racist can all go to HELL.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Honor Killings" are Prove of Muslim Radical Liberalism

Instead of doing the normal thing and killing the asshole that sexually assaulted their sister or other female relative, certain cowed Muslim males take their frustrations out on that female victim. Only the sick liberal mind can punish the victim of a horrible crime such as rape for being a victim. In certain parts of the Muslim World the killing of female relative that are the victim of rape is perfectly acceptable, while the rapist is allow to go free. In these places being the victim of rape is a high crime, even higher than committing rape itself.

Some times women are rape by male relatives and than are murdered by other male relatives. This backward sense of honor is true contemporary liberalism, the kind of liberalism that the ACLU goes out of their way to defend. These weak males are not man, real man are not afraid to confront other males that dishonor their sister or other female relative and family. Real man don’t blame victims for the crime committed against the victim and kill the victim because they themselves don’t have the balls to go after male criminals their own size.

By beating up on their female relatives and killing them, these bums are the ones bring real dishonor to their families. These bums must be retarded if they think killing family members are honor killings. An honor killing is putting a nice lead bullet in the head of a rapist who victimize a female relative!

Support Katherine Harris for Senate 2006

Rep. Katherine Harris for Senate

The Republican establishment seems to be reluctant to back Rep. Katherine Harris for the open Florida seat in the U.S. Senate. The fools are so out of touch with their conservative base that they are more willing to mention Laura Bush as a possible presidential candidate than giving a true conservative their support. Katherine Harris has more guts than most of the bums that make-up the RNC and for that they want to put some distance between them and her.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Boycott Ford Motor Company

No Fords or their others brands for a year! http://www.boycottford.com/
Ford brand of products include Mazda, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Land Rover, Aston Martin and of course Ford.

Campaign contribution of William Ford, Jr Ford Motor Co. chairman, CEO

$109,250 Republican
$27,750 Democrat
$15,000 special interest
total: $152,000

From the numbers we can safely say Bill Ford is a Republican but his company is funneling millions of dollars to the gay anti-marriage movement through magazine ads and for that we must say NO to Ford. I am sure the guys at GM now are Republicans too, so go GM. I am sick of big American businesses relaying on the support of loyal conservative Americans while channeling huge sums of cash to leftist groups. I for one refuse to have my money go to the homosexual mafia, even through indirect means.

Broken Borders and Illegal Immigration

Pres. Bush must have been on acid when he asked Americans to trust him of the Dubai Ports deal. This is the man that as overseen the worst period of border insecurity and the highest influx of illegal immigrants, key word “Illegal” not the word “immigrants” so don’t call me anti-immigration. I am very pro-immigration; I am just anti-stupid national policy.

Jason McElwain, True Life Hero

No Limit Jason McElwain is an autistic teen attending Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York. He failed to make the varsity team but because of his love and passion for basketball, he stayed with the team as their manager. For the last home game of the season, the coach had Jason suite up and he got to play in his first basketball game of the year. And he came up big with s stunning performance , sinking six three-pointers and another 2-pointerfor shot for a total of 20 points, all in the last three minutes of game. 20 points in just four minutes of playtime by Jason McElwain and the fact that it was his first real game demonstrates that there is no limit to the human spirit for success.

Click on this Link to View Video of Jason McElwain in the game

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Michael Osama bin Jackson Laden

Hey, Michael is really taking this Islamic stuff really seriously. I thought the Nation of Islam conversion thing was a plot by his lawyers to show he had not lost touch with Black America, all in an attempt to win some black jurors. But i guess he heard about the 72 virgins he is going to get to pick for himself in the Islamic afterlife and could not resist.

Can You at Least Shave First?

This is Why the Fertility Rate Among Liberal Leftist is 12% Below that of Conservatives
Ugly Chicks and poor personal hygiene will kill the need for love every time.

For goodness sake, please shave your pits you leftist liberal kill a baby fanatics. The smell must be INSANE judging from the dirty hair that covers them and the reasoning that chick who don’t shave their pits probably are not wearing deodorant.

P.S. put on some cloths please, no one wants to see that mess you call your body!

Monday, March 13, 2006

What the F%#$?

Liberals call this twist act of a 72 year old mad man "progress" and they want to expose your kids to it by six grade. He said he always felt like a woman and i guess he corrected God's mistake by cutting off his member. I cannot believe this fool is wearing a cross, talking about a sense of humor. What kind of sick sense of humor would want a person to expose 12 year olds to this freak? If you are a freak, just be happy with yourself and leave the kids out of it.

Forget About Yale, What About America?

I expect liberals at Yale to welcome the enemies of America with open arms but I don’t expect America under the leadership of so-called conservatives to do the same. Rahmatullah Hashemi is the former Taliban official that is now a student at Yale enjoying the American life and doing god knows what else. I am still asking myself how this guy made it pass immigration officials and if this animal can make it pass national security officials in a post 9/11 World, who else can and have? I would not be surprised if Osama bin Laden was enjoying life at Harvard right now with the morons operating INS. The American government is an ass of epic proportions that is endangers the life’s of everyone you care for and love.

Make us all Happy Saddam

Hopefully Saddam Hussein takes after Slobodan Milosevic's lead and suddenly dies overnight in his jail cell. This would do us a huge favor so that we can get the hell out of that country once and for all. Except for the big ass military base we are going to build there! lol

Thank God for Video Tape

In order for Hillary Clinton to become president, she would have to burn and destroy every tape; hard drive and transcript made of her many speeches over the last 25 years. Or she would have to take back the tons of radical leftist things she has said by discussing her crazy socialist ideas and explaining her ideas to America. I would love it if she try to explain her pre 2002 speeches and even some of her speeches as senator. Her ideas may fly in New York and San Francisco but would never stand up to though examination by Middle America. I hope the Republicans are smart enough to dig up her speeches she made to the NAACP, NOW, NARAL, Moveon, illegal immigration Hispanic groups, and while she was overseas.

Her Own Words Will be her Undoing!

Commercials must be made with excretes from her radical socialist speeches, the more anti-American the better. This woman should be expose as the crazy leftist she is to America. Her plans and ideas must be presented to the American people, nationalize health care, submitting Americans to international courts, abortion drive-through on every corner, normalized relations with Osama bin Laden, doing away with our borders, gay-fake-marriage, illegalization of private property, nationalization of selected industries, 75% tax rates and the cracking down on Christian groups.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Think I am Going to Be Sick

This is what i found on GOP.com, we have hit rock bottom and America is going down the toilette. I am going to have to resume my "just in case" country seach. The four letter words that came to my mind when i saw this link button on the Grand Old Party's website would make the country club Republicans members gasp for air.

It is a sad day when you see the political party standing between us and out right communism selling the soul of America for cheap votes of none-American Americans. I am ashamed of what the GOP have become in recent years. All bums and back stabbers with no sense of honor or respect for traditional American values.

I am thinking about removing GOP.com links from this blog, i just cannot respect them anymore.

We Must Make English the Official Language by Law in USA

I am disgusted to see official state and federal public documents in every language under the Sun. Spanish speaking people who hold up lines at the supermarket, post office and other public places piss me off as a result of their inability to communicate in English. Who the hell people think they are moving to a country and refusing to learn the language and culture. They are trying to get away from their Third World existence in their home country and coming to America but they are refusing to let go of the customs and traditions that made their home country into the Third World shit hole it is, like Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

America has been too nice, in the past new comers to America went out of their way to adopt and learn the American Way but now these ungrateful border runners show contempt to this tradition. A tradition that’s has put us in the forefront of technology and has kept this country going strong for 300 years. The bums who are unwilling to even try to English and adapt to the framework of America are trying to bring their Third Word here and I will Not Have it. I welcome people with novel and diversified experience that are willing to learn English and basic American norms. I want people that are in love with America from all over the World including Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic and El Salvador, not those who cannot let go of what they are running away from in the first place.

Say No to Frist

If Sen. Bill Frist gets the Republican nomination to run for president in 2008, the Republican Party can go to HELL for all I care. They are all a bunch of water down liberals if you ask me, who don’t care much about America, respect or honor. He represent nearly everything I hate about the Republican Party with a strong dose of what I hate about the liberal Democratic Party. Sen. Frist cannot be trusted to carry on the conservative flag in America and especially not after his friend Pres. Bush have been dragging it through the mud for the last 6 years.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

More MAD Cow

The FDA is testing for a possible new MAD cow case, I think i am going to stop eat beef now. The beef industry needs to clean up their act. Feeding cows feed made from beef is sick disgusting ungodly shit. I saw a documentary of a young women dying of mad cow disease and it was heartbreaking, it was so sad to see a girl about to enter the prime of her life just fade away. She was just 17 or 18 when she started to develop symptoms and 6 months later she was like an Alzheimer's patient and 6 months later or less she was dead.

Pro-Life is Anti-Abortion

Pro-Choice is Anti-Life, I look down on those who are pro-abortion and hide behind the word "choice" because of a weakness in their minds that people like me just cannot ever understand. They know what the speak is immoral, thats why they hide behind terms and use the courts to get their way instead of the ballot box. They do not know that evil's paradise is in the mind of man, minds like theirs that hold the choice to choose to kill as a human right. Who can we have human rights without life, the right to life? Abortion is the greatest horror the devil as given man since mass genocide and slavery. People of good faith and great morals have history on their side because as with slavery throughout history and genocides since time immemorial, the evildoers of these acts of the past have always collapse to people of great faith and morals. Those who support abortion will fall, its their faith to fail. Good Always Conquer over Evil!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Formula 1 Season is Here

Lets see how the BMWs do this year with a whole new team.

Arm Your Child for School with this Weapon

A simple voice recorder for less than $60 Let your kid recorded that leftist propaganda spewing teacher and send it to the New Media. With this weapon of true you can help take back our schools from the liberal socialist left by exposing their bias and lies. This particular model is the Olympus VN-480PC Digital Voice Recorder with Mac or PC Link, perfect for uploading and easily e-mailing your files to the Media. The 8 hours of recording time in LP Mode is just right for the average school day to keep all your kids teachers in check.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bush: Conservatives are all Racist and Sexist if They Don't Agree with Me

I am sick of the Bush administration-calling conservatives who disagree with them by names such as demagogue, racist and/or sexist. The Bush administration has adopted the age-old liberal strategy of labeling and name calling when they cannot win on the issues at hand. The first time I saw this disgusting strategy from the Bush administration was with the Harriet Miers nomination and how they tried to deal with conservative opposition. Being called a sexist from liberals is nothing new or offense to me, I think of it as a badge of honor. But when a so-called conservative Republican administration call me a sexist because of my political opposition to their weak, dubious and shameless Supreme Court nominee it makes me mad.

Instead of presenting a logic argument for the UAE Ports Deal they resorted to name-calling and because of that one fact I became 100% against it. These folks in the White House are nearly all damn liberals who think that the 60% to 70% percent of the American public that question the UAE deal are racist. And the UK is not like the UAE because a bunch of Englishmen did not murder 3000 American five years ago. Being called a racist on U.S. security concerns are a badge of honor too because words like racist, sexist and homophobe are what liberals use when they are losing an argument.

Tracking the Spread of Communism within America

Damn Marxist Socialists are eating away at the edges of this great nation. We need to turn around this horrible trend and start taking back fallen states. I believe voter fraud is one of the commie bastards strongest tool thus we need to secure the ballot box from simple tricks like one person casting multiple ballots and prevent illegal immigrants from even getting close to the polls. Secured IDs must be required to vote and those who try to commit voter fraud must be punished with strong prison time. One-citizen one vote is the idea that we must hold above all others on Election Day.

Radical Socialist Leftist Liberals here is Your Exit

Have Fun!

Socialist Scumbags Who did not Die Soon Enough

Stalin, Mao and Hitler were three leftist bastards wko killed people like nothing

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Made in USA has Never Looked So Good

Desert Eagle .50 AE A Solution to Many of the World's Problems.

Why are Republicans on Wall Street so Wrong on Illegal Immigration?

Kudlow's Money Politic$ is a financial news/Wall Street blog that I like very much, but i disagree with Larry Kudlow's position on the Dubai Ports Deal, Uncontrolled Trade with China and Illegal Immigration. As a matter of fact, Money Politic$ was the first blog i placed on my blogroll and the only blog i regularly post comments. But for the life of me i cannot understand why Republicans like Larry Kudlow have no problem with thing that endanger America like illegal immigration and trade with China. These self-describe conservatives cannot understand that we can make money as a nation without putting a gun to our heads. These are the same fools that had no problem with America selling all its scrap steel to Japan in the 1930’s while the Japanese were arming up like crazy making ships and plane with that very steel.

Larry Kudlow and the folks at the Wall Street Journal just see cheap labor across the Mexican border and are willing to give up American sovereignty to get that cheap labor. Republicans like Larry Kudlow and the folks at the Wall Street Journal try to portray conservatives that oppose illegal immigration as being anti-immigration, well if law enforcement is anti-immigration then I am illegal immigration. I have no problem with people coming to America from anywhere in the World if it is done in a legal and well regulated manner. I am very pro-Immigration, legal Immigration that provide healthy and well screened people that can contribute to America.

Please Visit Kudlow's Money Politic$

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Enemies Within are Enabling Illegals

Money transfer companies like Western Union, Mega Padala, Xoom, Paystone and MoneyGram allow illegal immigrants to send money back to their home countries. Thus money transfer companies must be restrained from and charge for aiding criminals if they refuse to stop while continuing to aid foreign lawbreakers. Proof of legal U.S. residency should be presented when transferring money overseas, that seem reasonable and completely logical to me as a way to enforce current immigration laws. If these wire transfer companies put their profits ahead of American law and this country’s national safety then they need to be put off of business

Showing proof of legal U.S. residency is not asking too much.

Once upon a time, Americans for the most part looked out for America and an executive, a chairman, a president or a CEO of a company would have never allow that company to profit at American national security’s expense. They were Americans first and businesspersons second. I want to see the faces of the bums who try to block legislation requiring people who transfer money overseas to prove they are here legally. The Wall Street Journal country club Republican types that are running most of these companies would sell their kid’s soul for the right price.

Wall Street Republicans are the Problem

Damn country club Republicans are going to give crazy liberal Dems everything, the White House, Congress and the courts if they keep putting profits before America. And Pres. Bush is doing everything to keep these none-conservative Republicans happy which are small in numbers instead of satisfying the real conservatives who put him into office twice. I hate the Republican's Sell America First Crowd as much as i hate the Democrat's Blame America First Crowd.

If Bush continues down his leftist bigger government path, he will send true Republicans into minority status in Congress for the next 40 years. I refuse to let Bush and his owners on Wall Street to let America get over run by illegal immigrants or let them spend us into Third World debt. These bums are also waging a stupid liberal war in Iraq and as a result, our soldier are getting cut down one by one by bombs being made in Iran. Unlike the Wall Street Republicans and the Bush liberals, some of us have friends and family in Iraq and it is not fun to see news reports from Iraq about another shape charge from Iran exploding under a U.S. Military vehicle. I say blow the damn Ayatollahs off the face of the fucking Earth. And if we had real Republicans in power that what they would do, kill everyone in the Iranian Fundamentalist leadership.

Monday, March 06, 2006

This Sign is for Pres. Bush

Low Poll Numbers is the result of his Leftist Actions, the president's numbers are dropping among conservatives faster than liberals at this point.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Devaluation of Human Life: Baby Found Flatten in the Street

I consider the Democratic Party as my mortal enemy, so even the thought of casting a ballot for a dirty socialist Democrat makes me want to vomit. These assholes have succeeded in reducing the worth of a baby’s life to that of an animal and for that I hate them so much.I believe a strong democracy requires at least two parties and three or four would be ideal. But a two party system with one party is totally immoral socialist scum is in my mind can only be describe as ASS. This nation as of today is ass, a country where a newborn baby is found in the middle of the street crushed like a “pen cake” is the words used to describe the seen. As this sad event was reported on the news this morning I was asked, can you believe it? Yes I can, in a nation where approximately 50 million abortions have been committed since 1973 any ungodly thing is believable. We are on a well deserving course to hell as a country and as long as we have immoral socialist sacks of shit leading us the devaluation of human life is a gauge how fast we are going down this course.

I just cannot accept in NEW YORK, just a few miles away from me that a baby could be found in the street squashed I hope someone get the damn electric chair for doing this

What news to start a day with? Just depressing

Saturday, March 04, 2006

FEMA, The Bastard Child of the Government

I cannot understand why FEMA was placed into the Department of Homeland Security. Why not also place the U.S. Military and the FBI into this ungodly department? By placing FEMA into the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal government did what they do best and that is shuffling chairs on sinking ships.

When the 9/11 Commission first recommended creating a new giant department, I was pissed off knowing that the liberals was going to get more what they wanted so mush from the cowardly attacks on 9/11. Like bigger government ever solved any problem in the history of mankind. But when the 9/11 Commission recommended placing FEMA into their new department, I realize that bigger and less nimble was not enough for the liberals. No, they wanted complex and redundant with additional executive safeguards to ensure in an emergency nothing would be done. Damn liberal assholes wanted New Orleans to be flooded, so that they could call for more of what they want so much, more damn government.

With the damn bureaucracies in Washington D.C. who needs al-Qeada? Now they are talking about removing FEMA from DHS and all it took was losing a city. I don't fear terrorists, i fear bureaus in government. While terrorist destroy one bulidings after another, bureaus destroy one city after another.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I am Surrounded by Sex Offenders

I have always said that I am surrounded by wacko leftist socialist liberals but now i realize as a result of the liberals I am also surrounded by sex offenders too. Please check if you have a sex offender near you by going to the site featured on the O'Reilly Factor last night. http://www.familywatchdog.us

I have about five real sick fuckers living right near me and i am talking about child molesters and rapists. These damn registered sex offenders are everywhere so you should check on your neighborhood.

I will be adding Family Watchdog to my Links list. This is a great website, they have photos, mapes and all the info you need to protect yourself and your family.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

From President Bush to the Liberal Media

have a nice day you bias bastards!

Girl and Gun: Cute Blonde with a P90

I am all about Women's Rights!

I wonder what liberals think about a woman with a machine gun.

For Those Who Choose to Have an Abortion

Hillary Special at KFC

Read the KFC Sign, Click on Picture to Enlarge.

Who love abortion?