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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Viacom Inc. is an Enemy of America

Viacom Inc. is a media company and a vanguard of the Liberal Mainstream Media. This company pollute the American air way with its porngraphy masked as music videos and sitcoms. CBS, MTV, Sundance Channel, TV Land, BET, Paramount Pictures, VH1, Simon & Schuster Publishing Group, Showtime, Spike TV, Nickelodeon, CMT, Comedy Central and UPN are all owned by Viacom Inc. This media company with its many tentacles is hell bent on the distruction of the American Family and good moral values. And an even greater danger pose by this Anti-American campany is its news division, CBS News with its flagship "60 Minutes" is trying to break America's back with fake stories like Dan Rather's "Memogate" and that phony story before the 2004 election about American soldiers were not protecting weapon sites in Iraq. Funny how the weapon sites story ddie so fast after the election. The two men below are the leaders of the Evil Empire called Viacom.

Tom Freston CEO of Viacom

Sumner Redstone Chairman and majority shareholder of Viacom

These two men are two of the top pornographers in the World. Through their premium cable channel Showtime, these two men are sending actual porn to millions of America homes. And in the background they help produce and distribute the most hardcore porn made in America using cover campanies. Viacom is a monster that must be stop now. The two Dems that own and run this company are billionaire who don't care for this Nation or its people. Viacom is not alone, Time Warner and Disney are two other members of the liberal mainstream media.

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