"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

More Islamic Terrorist Arrested, Too Little Too Late?

The Europeans are finally getting serious about the extremist Islamist in their midst although it took the deaths of 52 innocent British commuters. After letting the worst of the Muslim world in their countries under the excuse of political asylum and let them preach their hate in their schools of terror and hate called madras. Up to a few months ago the British allowed radical Islamist to march in the street of London while calling for the deaths of Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush. The liberal Europeans are now trying to play catch up with their weak immigration policies of the past 30 years but is it all too late for a clean and peaceful end to their circumstance? In the Netherlands with 10 percent or so Muslim population the radical element of the Islamic community are calling for an overthrow of the Dutch government and an establishment of a new Islamic fundamentalist state in its place. The radical Islamists are killing people on video in the middle of the popular Dutch city of Armstrong. These videos give us a clear look in the mind of our enemy and their true evil and disregard for innocent human life. They hide behind mask but we can see inside their souls and they must know we are American and we will not stand for this shit. Their acts of evil should be seen and be known to the masses for some of us are living in ignores of the threat.

This is why we must fight and kill them before they can act against us, their is no dealing with these people and the only solution to Radical Islamist is their imprisonment or their deaths.

Armstrong Beheading WARNING! This is video is GRAPHIC

What these dirty radical Islamist scumbags did to this Ducth man they would do it to any of you if they had the chance! All Civilized People must unite to fight the Radical Islamists.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Women Forced into Prostitution by Germany

Democrats and socialist in America cannot understand that socialism just doesn't work. Look at socialist Germany with 11.6% unemployment and a decreasing GDP. Even legalized prostitution is not enough to help German with its unemployment predicament. And now German women are realizing the horror and dreadfulness of liberalism and socialism at work. In Germany unemployed individuals are obligated to take any available listed job after a year of unemployment. German unemployment offices list all legal job openings including opening at brothels, strip clubs and telephone sex-lines asking for the services of young fit females. If an unemployed women refuse to take a job working in a brothel as a whore she will lose her unemployment benefits and risk becoming homeless so many German women are taking up the sex trade.

What ever happened to a woman right to choose what to do with her body? This just prove that socialist, liberals and Dems don’t really believe that a woman should have the right to safeguard her body. Nobody who actually believed that a woman should have the right to safeguard her body would basically force her into servicing men with her body for money or anything else. Germany is renowned by Dems for their liberalism and socialism with one of the world’s biggest socialist welfare systems. These young German girls are really going to need the so-called free health care system that their pimping welfare state provide them. The German government is involved in almost every aspect of life and now the socialist German government is involved in the sex trade. Talking about white slavery this is ridiculous.

'If You Don't Take a Job as a Prostitute, We can Stop Your Benefits'

Forced Prostitution in Germany

Germany Forcing Unemployed Women into Legalized Prostitution

German women forced to work in sex industry

Welfare Moms in Germany may be forced into prostitution

Germany has along history with socialism, "Nazi" is short for "nationalsozialistische" or "National Socialist” from the National Socialist Party, just like Socialist Democrats of our country the Nazi Party believed in government control. And both German and American socialist believe in control of the government by elites like themselves who think they know best. The rich political socialist elites in Germany are not the ones being forced into prostitution and nor are their daughters, sisters or mothers. It’s the working class people and their daughters, sisters or mothers are being required to take jobs in brothels as prostitutes.

The Surgical Genocide!

Have you ever seen a Partial Birth Abortion being committed? If you have you would understand why it’s never necessary and you don't even need to be a doctor to realize the lie behind the old liberial leftist argument being push by abortionist groups that says “I'm not willing to tell a woman that she would become a paraplegic or die if she delivers her baby and their is nothing she can do about it”

In a partial birth abortion a woman delivers the entire baby expect for its head at first then the so-called doctor collapse the newborn’s head and then pull the baby out entirely. It’s amazing what people and an entire society are capable of behind closed doors
Stop pushing the Great Abortionist Lie!













This horrible genocide brought to you by Liberal Left Wing Socialism, National Organization of Women and Planned-Parenthood. All moral, ethical and people of good faith most unite to STOP The Surgical Genocide that is running rapid craze here in America and around the World. Support the National Right to Life

Friday, July 29, 2005

Sen. Bill Frist is a Disgrace!

Sen. Bill Frist is a Disgrace to the Republican Party with no true convictions of his own.

Sen. Bill Frist has just killed his presidential hopes among conservatives by backing embryonic stem cell research. Just Say NO TO FRIST, I knew that guy was no good and a phony conservative. I can’t believe what a scheme the Republicans in DC are running on the American people. This scumbag Bill Frist is suppose to be the leader of Republican senator and a Republican contender for president in 2008 and he has just spit on the conservative base.

I hope Bill Frist rot in Hell with his liberal friends for his lies and his position on using baby parts to fix rich fat elites like himself who have no sense of honor or respect for others. I speculate this scumbag name Frist has some disease and sees a hope for a cure in the dead bodies of human embryos. Frist says “We're doing embryonic research, but with ethical standards”

I wonder what are his ethical standards for using the parts of human babies for medical research and if there is a limit to his madness. Does he really think conservatives are going to stand for this by supporting him to be president? Bill Frist is just another in a long line of Republican back stabber from Justice O’Connor and Justice Souter to Sen. Mccain and Sen. Specter. Well I guess Bill Frist doesn’t know that the American people have ethical standards too and ethical we cannot vote for him.

Santorum for President in 2008

America is moving to the right and Hilary Clinton is now trying to out right-wing President Bush because she realized that the American people are not buying the leftist socialist crap she has been preaching for the last 25 years. But I don't think she would even try to out right-wing Sen. Rick Santorum. Sen. Santorum may even do us one better, he may bring out the hard left-winger she really is in her heart of heart. Sen. Santorum of Pennsylvania is such a threat to the Democrats they have put their full weigh behind the effort to unseat him in 2006.

Just think about it, if Sen. Santorum ran for President he would most likely win all the state President Bush won in 2000 and 2004 plus Pennsylvania leaving the Dems with no chance in 2008. The Dems recognize this threat to their ambition and has declare Sen. Santorum as enemy number one, from Howard Dean to Hilary Clinton all Dems are now focusing on the 2006 Pennsylvania Senatorial election to dispose of their greatest threat for the White House in 2008. Pennsylvania is a state the Dems can’t afford to lose with its 21 Electoral College votes.

Sen. Santorum is a strong conservative vs. the weak conservative Pres. Bush. Sen. Santorum is pro-life, pro-family, pro-business and pro-America. And Sen. Santorum is not shy to fight for his views with the liberal in the Senate and in the media. That’s another reason the Dems hate him so much, he’s a true and proud conservative that will call them to their face what they are and tell them their ideas are immoral and disgraceful. Sen. Santorum is outspoken and often compare the tragedy of abortions to the tragedy of slavery in American history. Sen. Santorum is a modern day abolitionist and a future President.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hilary Clinton a Wolf Trying on Sheep’s Clothing

Don't let Hilary Clinton fool you, she's hard left. Just look at some of her speeches from the 90's and compare them to her speeches now, talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. She is willing to do and say anything to trick middle America into believing that she is not a liberal of the first degree. She is willing to stay with Bill Clinton, the impeached womanizer and accused rapist for her political aspirations.

She has become the typical politician that is willing to bend with the wind and take on position they don’t believe in to gain more power. Since Gore lost with his ultra-left arrogant campaign Hilary has been putting on her moderate act and since Kerry lost with his anti-business high taxes socialist minded campaign Hilary is now trying to out right-wing bush. But look at her speeches form the past; She made Ted Kennedy and chuck Schumer look like moderate republicans with her calls for socialize health care, anti-military actions and abortions on demand.
The American people don't bend with the hot air that politician blow, we are strong and we know right from wrong.

The Clintons are they only smart people Dems have but the Clintons are one sick group of people. I mean this family is “F” up badly, people should read Ed Klein’s book “THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY”

This woman is so power crazed she is willing to stand with a man that as settled several sexual assault law suite with money and has lied about cheating on her for years. The American people especially the America women won’t stand for this. The American woman is proud and strong and will never vote for a woman that is protecting an accused rapist, a proven cheat and liar that has cheated on her with at least 7 women. That’s 7 women when you add the affairs and sexual assaults.

Some say the Clintons have an open marriage and that’s why Hilary plays the role of the abuse wife. The fact that their marriage is open would destroy her political ambition but the abused wife role could get her some sympathy votes from morons. But America is catching on to them and their dysfunctional open marriage and the people don’t want them in the White House again. We remember what the did the last time they had their way there, oral sex and cigar play with a young woman’s gentiles.

Hilary Clinton is a Socialist of the Marxist order that is willing to do anything to further her communist goals. This woman doesn’t represent the great American woman, she hates the family, she hates the military, she hates capitalism, she hates business and she hates the American way of Life. And vote less unborn babies are useless to her and her agenda.

Down with London Mayor Livingstone the Commie

The London Mayor Ken Livingstone is blaming his own country for the terrorist attacks and not the Islamic terrorists. Ken Livingstone is one of the most liberal politicians in Europe today and that’s an incredible feat in irrational socialist Europe. Ken Livingstone is a well-known communist and he’s called RED Ken by the locals in London. RED Ken has proved that liberalism is everywhere and it is based on the same dismissal of reason and facts everywhere. It is so true that liberalism is based on the irrational rejection of logic and factual data in favor of agenda driven hate mongering.

Ken Livingstone is just like the blame America first crowed liberal in the Democratic Party like Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, John Corzine, Hilary Clinton, Dick Durbin, and Barbara Boxer who blame their own nation when its attack of Islamic terrorists. But RED Ken a bit more radical than is American counterpart, he blame British policy for the actions of Islamic extremist while the blood of their victims still covered the London Underground and double-decker buses. Not even the most rabbit blame America first fool among the Dems would have the courage to do that with the blood of Americans still covered trains and buses.

Hopefully Londoner see Ken Livingstone for the coward that he is and take proper action. Or if their happy with Ken, they should surrender to the Islamic terrorists now because with leader like RED Ken London and the nation stand no chance.

RED Ken, I hope the Soccer Thugs meet up with you soon and save their nation from liberals like you that are willing to sign over pieces to Islamic terrorists.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg the Neo-Con

Mike Bloomberg is the perfect example of a NEO-CON. A rich business minded Democrat who think he knows best with a lack of morals or social values who is tired of the bureaucracy and inaction of the Democratic Party. And with absolutely no loyalty to country or to anything that he cannot benefit from.

Mike Bloomberg was always a Democrat, he ran as a Republican 4 years ago because although he was a Democrat, he wasn’t in the NY Democrat inner circle or hierarchy so he could get into the Dem NYC Mayoral Primary. That’s when he registered as a Republican and ran in the open Republican NYC Mayoral Primary and he won.

Mike Bloomberg was a Democrat for 59 years of his life until he decided to run for public office, the Dems wanted him to pay too much to join the Democrat hierarchy in NYC so he trump them and ran as a Republican. Unlike the NYC Democratic Party the NYC Republican is open to all with no picking order and thats the way it should be, the free market of ideas at work. We don't need to create a hierarchy in the Repulican Party like the Dems because this is the Republican Party and the Conservative movement and we are all about ideas and free thinking. If the Neo-Cons or Dems have an idea, we are willling to listen and reject the stupid crap they offer and take in acount any good thought. Thats is why republicans in NYC voted for Bloomberg 4 years ago.

There are no differences to me between neo-cons and their liberal Dems friends on important national issues like illegal immigration, the only different they have is their respective warped self-interest. They want different thing from the illegal immigrates, one side (Dems) want to further their plans for a welfare state by addition more social programs for illegalizes in addition to political power from their illegal vote and the other side (neo-cons) want cheap labor right now and swing voters in the future. Look at NYC under the leadership of Bloomberg, the city is over run with illegal immigrates with a multitude of social program for them.

Neo-cons like Bloomberg should be used when needed but we should watch them closely and keep them in check. Just like how fire is used in the forest to control burn to keep wild fire in check neo-cons should be used to keep Dems in check.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Left and Their Anti-Catholic Litmus Test

What is up with this anti-Catholic litmus test we see in the Senate? Why are government officials like Schumer allowed to bar people from higher office or positions because they are devote Catholics? According to the Chucky Schumer types, if a person is a faithful Catholic who believe in the sacredness of marriage, pro-life, anti-drugs, pro-family and God fearing that make them unfit for a public position.

The First Amendment protect the right of Americans to speak and practice their religion without government restricting or getting involved with personal exercise of religion.
Why are government officials blocking people base on religion? Aren’t religious people protected by the First Amendment anymore?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Catholics who want to be nominated to the Supreme Court in the future should not be prohibited from fully exercising their religion and/or religious believes like what we are now seeing in American society thanks to the atheist left. No wonder why we saw the majority of Catholics voting for Republicans and Pres. Bush for the first time in American history last year.

Catholics will not take this abuse from the Democrats and the atheist left anymore, people can only push around only so much before they begin to push back. Liberalism is death in the Catholic Church and the removal of liberals from the priesthood is the main objective for now. We have all seen what the rabbit liberals that made their way in the church in the 60’s can do to a once great institution. Liberals and their acceptance of sexual deviants tried to destroy the Church akin to what they are trying to do with the U.S. Military. But we are on to them now and we have them on the run as we protect our churches and the military.

How can the Liberal Left expect to getaway with their anti-religious movement? The American people embrace their religion and have fought for the right to practice their faith without the government hovering around them telling them what they can and cannot do. The American people know the Left is anti-religious with their anti-Catholic litmus test for Supreme Court nominees and the people will not stand for discrimination of people base on their religious views. We all have a right to our religious views under the First Amendment and we should not allow US Senator to discriminate against Catholics because of different views on social issues.

Roberts Akin to Souter?

Why are people like Sen. Lieberman and Sen. Clinton supportting John G. Roberts? I hope these left-wingers like Hilary don’t know something about Roberts that suggest a leftward shift akin to Justice Souter. But for now John Roberts seem like a true conservative and we all should back him. He is religious, we know for sure that his wife is a pro-lifer and we know he is pro-market. And most importantly, we know he will interpret the Constitution and not create new laws like what the Super Legislator Court has been doing for 30 years now. Hilary is probably continuing her fake move to the right to confuess the American people that she's not a socialist scumbag that she really is by supportting a real pro-America conservative.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Neo-Cons, Not so Conservative

A neo-con is a recent converts to the Republican Party from Liberal Dem big-government background. They left the Dem Party when the other side started to win and when Ronald Reagan cut taxes, most neo-cons are rich as hell. Neo-con's don't subscribe to social conservatism or morals domestically but try to insert morls inforeign policy. Basically they are rich ass former Dems who like big business and making money all over the world, they don’t care for America like real or “traditional” conservatives. Neo-cons would sell America if the bid was high enough! They can also be describe as Republicans without the patriotism for America and without real morals. Or can be describe as “Smart Dems” who love money more then the Democratic Party and have no loyalty to anything else buy the mighty dollar.

Read about them at Wikipedia.

''Neoconservatism'' is a somewhat controversial term referring to the political goals and ideology of the "new conservatives" in the United States. The "newness" refers to the term's origination as either describing converts new to American conservatism (sometimes coming from a liberal or big-government New Deal background) or to being part of a "new wave" of conservative thought and political organization.

The neoconservatives, often dubbed the neocons by critics, are credited with (or blamed for) influencing U.S. foreign policy, especially under the administrations of Ronald Reagan (1981–1989) and George W. Bush (2001–present). Neoconservatives have often been singled out for criticism by opponents of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, many of whom see this invasion as a neoconservative initiative. Compared to other U.S. conservatives, neoconservatives may be characterized by an aggressive moralist stance on foreign policy, a lesser social conservatism, and weaker dedication to a policy of minimal government, and a greater acceptance of the welfare state, though none of these qualities are necessarily requisite.
Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Neo-cons and their former liberal Dems partners are no different when it comes to our borders and illegal immigration; This fact is obvious, they are working together to keep our borders open to illegal immigration and in doing so other threats. Only true Conservatives want to protect our borders. As witness by the vote in the Senate last week when 35 Republicans voted to put more man on our border but 45 Dems and 20 False Republicans voted NO to additional border security. Only Republicans voted in American’s best interest that day last week, sorry it wasn’t all of them cause all the Dems voted against American’s best interest with the 20 fake Conservatives or misguided Republicans trying to get reelected in 2006, most of these rogue Republicans are neo-cons.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bush Kept his Word for Now

I was surprise that Pres. Bush kept his word and appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court but this only the start because he promised to appoint conservatives to the court in the mold of Scalia and Thomas so all his nominee should be True Conservatives. Conservatives voted for him to change the current composition of the pro-abortion super legislator anti-business socialist court and that’s what we expect from him.

Radical Islamist Exploit Weakness for Terror

We need to take on these radical Islamist head-on and kill them before they can kill us. Stupid Europeans open their countries to illegal immigration for years and now we see the results on a weekly basis now. And they are not the only ones import workers to feed the welfare states; we are doing the same by leaving our borders open to anyone willing to cross. We need to stop the stupidity and closed the border to illegal immigration and start looking for the enemies within NOW. DAMN RIGHT NOW. We also need to seek out these radical extremist Islamic terrorist in their home countries even if they have attacked us 10- 25 years ago or in the early stage of planning on attacking us. We need to make-up for our weakness of the past 25 years dealing with these terrorist.

I know America went to war in Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein and to secure the large Iraqi arsenal and to end the Iraqi WMD abilities because the Iraqi’s did have the ability to create chemical and biological weapons. And Saddam Hussein was on the pursuit for long range missile and nuclear weapons capability. Saddam Hussein wanted nuclear weapons to counter Iran and their nuclear weapon program. Saddam Hussein was at war with Iran for about 25 years or more and both sides have been trying to develop nuclear weapons since the early 80’s.

America wanted to stop Saddam’s quest for additional WMD and to destroy his current WMD capacity. And Bush wanted to create a Free Society in the center of the Middle East based on Democracy and rule of law. And this newly created country would be a counter weight to Saudi Arabia, cause we don't want a oil crisis like the disaster we saw in the 70s if Saudi left the oil market without a replacement source. The Moron Dems couldn't understand that Iraq was on the road to the the greater goal that is Saudi Arabia and Iran. A Free and Peaceful country that we can trade with moreover buy oil from and in doing so weaken Saudi Arabia’s grip on the international oil market. And then put some real pressure on Saudi Arabia and the Royal Family to stop funding the Radical Islamist or we would fore them out with military action like Iraq. But now the Great Bush Plan is be shot to death thanks to near sighted liberal Dems here who are bent on destroying the Bush Administration even if they have to endanger America or destroy our country.

Iraq and Saddam Hussein inaddition had links to terrorist, Saddam Hussein would pay the family have suicide bombers in the West Bank and Gaza $20,000 after each bombing. And Saddam Hussein was planning a terror attack on America by killing George Herbert Walker Bush just after he retired as President. If Saddam Hussein was successful the entire Bush family would have be killed. Saddam also used poisonous gas (WMDs) to kill thousands of Kurds in Northern Iraq; man, woman and children dead helplessly in their sleep.

We need to stop the Madness and enforce our laws on our border and had our ports. The neo-cons and liberal Dems are working to keep our borders open to illegal immigration for their own twisted self-interest despite the laws of the land and terrorist working to kill as many Americans as they can. We are the NUMBER ONE TARGET and every attack in the work is an attack against us. Islamic terrorist are fighting the most powerful country in the history but they known our weakness and they are exploiting them while we stand around let them. All they need is one nuclear bomb from one rogue state to send our world and economy in the GREATEST depression the world as ever seen with millions of our friends and family dead.

STOP the stupid infighting and letting our country be over run with unwelcome illegal immigrate and moreover focus on those who want to kill us all!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush Appointing an Abortionist, Edith Clement?

If President Bush appoints some abortionist the “Conservative Revaluation” in America will break from the Republican Party. This will result in the immediate death of the Republican Party and all thanks to Bush and his back stabbing lackers. Throw Karl Rove in Prison NOW and impeach Bush on any charge I don’t care what! I had so much hope for America under Bush but this man as been a great disappointment with his move to the left and kissing up to famous leftist like Bono, Bill Clinton, and Elton John with his gay lover visiting the white house staying in the Lincoln bedroom. Furthermore we need to cut our losses and start a new; there is no hope for the hijacked Republican Party. IF Bush appoints an abortionist the first thing I’ll do is change me party affiliation to the Conservative Party.

The Only Thing All these Damn Neo-Con care about is money and who’ll pay the highest price for America. Sending our boys to war with one arm tied behind their backs and giving killed fighting a “sensitive war” while the damn Neo-Con give away no bid contrasts to their business affiliates. Where is the Conservative Principles; Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-God, Pro-America, Pro-Defense, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Military, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Capital, Pro-Environment, Pro-Market, Pro-Trade, Pro-Innovation, Anti-Socialism, Anti-Internationalism, Anti-Atheism, Anti-Anarchism, Anti-Criminals, Anti-Communism and Anti-Liberalism. The only principle the “Sell America First” Neo-Con have is getting paid in full.

The Bush Administration is just a short term setback and we will learn from this and plan and work harder for the FUTURE. The non-principle liars have the present but we will have the future.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Promise Makers not Keepers

"Read my lips. No new taxes." Vice President George H. Bush pledged in 1988 not to raise taxes if he were elected President. Bush 41 was elected and America saw a tax increase sign by him.

President George W. Bush promise to appoint strict constructionists justices in the mold of Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia during is campaign. Bush 43 seem to be back stepping on his word and is testing the waters for a less than conservative judge.

Is father like son? That’s the question I find myself asking. If President George W. Bush screw over conservatives like his father did then Jeb Bush the son and brother of Promise Makers not Keepers hopes and wishes to one day run for the Nation’s highest office will be set in cold stone in the hearts of millions of Americans. NO MORE BUSH’S

Is so easy to make a promise you have no intention of keeping or will to keep. I am tired of so-conservative Republicans politicians who boast their conservatism during their campaign for an election to stab the people who put them in office in the back. These back stabbing politicians have no conviction of their own, just a wish or desire for high office.

President Ronald Reagan was a great President because he was a President of Promises kept. Unlike most politicians today, what Reagan said is what Reagan did. It is a shame that George H. Bush didn’t learn this virtue from his friend Ronald Reagan during their 8 years in office together. Now we are all wondering if Bush 43 is a man of his word like President Ronald Reagan or a man not of his word like his father. And I wonder if Bush 43 will turn to making excuses like his father to he couldn’t keep his word.

I hope President George W. Bush will keep his word and work to restore is family’s name and not disgrace and dishonor it farther. A man’s word is only as good as his family’s name and a family’s name is only as good as their word.