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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sen. Ted Kennedy murdered Mary Jo Kopechne

Chappaquiddick July 19, 1969 a man killed his girlfriend and got away with it because he belong to a very powerful political family. I want this thug to be put behind bars where he belong for the death of this young beautiful woman with her whole life ahead of her.


Crime Sence

Some believe US Senator Edward M Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne because she was pregnant with his child and refuse an abortion. Sen. Ted Kennedy is dirt but he has the balls to treat Judge Alito like a common criminalwhen he is the one with innocent blood on his hands. Judge Alito should be the one asking questions about Mudering Ted's past not the other way around.

YTedK: The Truth about Chappaquiddick


Armor-Piercing said...

Did he think he could rape Alito's wife in front the world audience, and nobody would would blink an eye? Is this the way you prove your noble character on the world stage, Ted? You got nothing on Judge Alito! You're a drowning, washed up Senator who's gasping for air... hoping someone will throw you a line. When are the citizens of Massachusettes going to wake from their coma, and see you for who you really are? You can't bring Mary Jo back, but you still have time to save your own life!

Anonymous said...

Spelled "Victim" not "Vicitem".