"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Fight for America

The score as of November 2, 2004 is 31 Vs. 19 in favor of the good guys. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are ripe for the taken in 2008 to further the quest for a better America that conservatives have been working for so hard that was prompted after the disastrous Carter Presidency. Lucky Carter did not get the chance to surrender America to the Soviet Union that he wanted so mush. Reagan rebuild and recover America from all the damage that Carter and the Democrat control Congress manage to achieve over the years with their systematic socialist move to their ultimate goal of Total Marxism. Bush 41 was elected president with his promise to further the Conservative Movement but he told us a lie and broke his promise of no new taxes. So Clinton was elected because of Bush 41’s blunder but fortunate for conservative the US Congress was taken from the Democrats after 40 years of their march to communism. Now President Bush pose a danger to the Conservative Movement in his last term in office as his father was in his first and only term. Bush 43 is no longer totally accountable to conservatives, so he can to whatever he wants now. The mission is not over but I think our point man has sympathies with our liberal enemies. Bush must be press to do the right thing or else he will do what he think can make him some liberal friends. He is working on his legacy now unfortunately for us his plan is to kiss up to Dems by helping them with their liberal agenda.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Equation That Made America Great

It is sad what the Radical Liberal Left is trying to do to America with their socialist agenda that is masochistic suicide. There is nothing named “same sex marriage” and as a matter of fact those three words together is a contradiction on top of contradiction. A man and a woman committed to each other is the corner stone of a great society. No distortion or degradation marriage will be accepted or tolerated. What is wrong with these liberal people who want to destroy marriage as we have known it for 6 thousand years? They want abortion on demand, petifiles free, drugs and prostitution on every corner in addition to the distortion of marriage. I guess they are not happy enough with the fall of marriage that they and their liberal ideas from Hollywood and college professors have done. They want more, they don’t want marriage just weaken cause that is not enough. They want it completely dead and away with once and for all.

Hurricane Rita a Mainstream Media Disappointment

From watching television yesterday and earlier today I came to realized something wired or better yet sick and revolting that disturbed me to the bone. Reporters and newscasters seem to be disappointed in the lack of destruction and deaths from Rita. Thousands are not dead, Galveston Texas is still standing and the damage is not in the hundreds of billions of dollars leaving the Mainstream Media without the new great disaster they were predicting or hoping for earlier this week from Hurricane Rita. But all their wishes and hopes for another Katrina to report on their 24 hour a day news channels was not enough to charge Rita’s winds thus the Mainstream Media’s lost is our gain as a country. Whatever that is good for the Mainstream Media and their political socialist allies is devastating to America and the way of life that is second to none of Americans.

The liberals behind the hijack Mainstream Media must be so sad that they don’t have another disaster to call for more “Big Government” akin to Europe like what Christiane Amanpour CNN’s chief international correspondent did after Hurricane Katrina. After a disaster like Katrina the smell of blood fill the air and the wolves of the socialist left go on the hunt. I want Christiane Amanpour to know one thing and that is America is not Europe. We are better than weak Europe; we get things done unlike liberal socialist Europe. What Hurricane Rita and Katrina did to America would send Europe back in the Dark Ages, Hurricane Rita and Katrina will only give us Americans a reason to do what we do best and that is build new bigger and better things with modern technology. What would destroy Europe just give Americans a good reason to upgrade.

Now the so-called Mainstream Media is micro inspecting for everything that went wrong in Hurricane Rita but to their dismay there few and far between. But they will find a flooded road or a downed power line and with that they will be able to fill their news hour, front page and even sadder a 24 hour news channel.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Justice Janice Rogers Brown, Now that Sounds Real Good

President Bush should nominated a well qualify person that conservative can rally behind like Judge Janice Rogers Brown. She is the cure to the Ruth Bader Ginsburg disease on the Supreme Court. And I like to see how the Dems try to deny a well qualify African American woman nomination to the Supreme Court. The only thing the Dems hate more than a conservative woman is a conservative minority especially a black conservative. So a conservative black woman should blow their tops and bring out their contempt for Blacks and Hispanics who don’t buy their socialist welfare state crap.

Best think about Judge Janice Rogers Brown is that she will read and interpret the Constitution and not just makeup liberal socialist junk or bring foreign law into the US Supreme Court. Conservatives are down on President Bush right now but he can quickly redeem himself by nominating Judge Janice Rogers Brown. Please I hope President Bush do the right thing, this woman would not only make a great justice on the Supreme Court ruling on the Constitution but she would make a great president if not a justice on the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stabbing the President in the Back

President Bush has been trying to appease the liberal left and radical Democrats on many different fronts since he was elected 5 years ago. The radical liberal leftist Dems in the Senate and House of Representatives and across the country have met Bush’s good will with anger and indifference. Former President Clinton left office in shame and disgrace for his apathy for the law. President Bush helped recovery Clinton’s legacy by inviting him to the White house several times and partnering him with Bush 41 in being help to people around the world and now in America affected with disasters. Now President Clinton who President Bush has treated with respect not bring up his Blue Dress accident has stabbing the President in the back. President Clinton stabbed President Bush in the back with the knife President Bush gave him. If Bush didn’t help recover Clinton’s reputation the sting from the womb Clinton gave Bush in the back wouldn’t hurt so much. But I will say I was against the friendship Bush was trying to form with Clinton and I think Bush had this slap in the face coming. And President Bush deserve it because he stabbed his base in the back with his move to the left and we all know the old saying “What goes around, comes around.”

I just hope President Bush will do right and find his base. Only he can recovery his legacy and only by coming back home to the RIGHT. We will not go to the left for him!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

One Nation Under God

Once again liberal Dems have taken a major step against America and the traditions of this great country. Earlier this week when I heard that some radical leftist judge in San Francisco struck down the line "one nation under God" in the Plague of Allegiance ruling that it was unconstitutional I was not surprise. I just wonder where in the Constitution leftist judge find "one nation under God" to be unconstitutional, they say it is in the first Amendment. So let’s look at the first Amendment which says

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I want to know when school children say "one nation under God" when they recite the Plague of Allegiance, is that Congress making a law respecting an establishment of religion? What law is Congress making? What religion is being established? If radical leftist judges can find "one nation under God" in the Plague of Allegiance unconstitutional they can find anything unconstitutional or scarier yet they can find anything they want constitutional. These people don’t respect the text of the Constitution so anything goes with them. They believe in a living Constitution in which the text can be interpreted as they which. We can not let these radical leftist Dems and socialist do whatever they want to do with our country. They think they have won this round but what they don’t understand is that they are only pinching at a sleeping giant and the more they pinch and prick the closer they bring themselves to facing a waken giant juggernaut. America will wakeup to this constant assault from the liberal left.

They have declare war on us and this country so we must fight back to save our way of life and this great nation. They have no idea what they have done, they see not the mistakes in their ways or the faith they have doom themselves to suffer. They have drawn first blood; we shall draw last blood in defense of our country. Our way of life will continue, theirs will not over take ours. They will not rewrite the laws of our Constitution with fiction and fantasy.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Conservativism to the Rescue

Conservativism is truly compassionate. Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. Socialism on the other hand is all about dependences. They don’t want you to be able to feed yourself; they want control of feeding you for themselves because with the control of an essential necessity they will be able to control the people. Socialists are like drug dealers, the first hit is free! But after that first hit you will be hook for life in a continuous state of dependence on others that will use you and abuse you as they see fit. Or they will just neglect you like an absentee landlord.

Louisiana as been control by the Democrats since before the Civil War, they have made the state into a model of socialism. Katrina has expose to the country the under belly of a socialistic system in a state and a city where the Democrat Party is the only political voice and authority. In New Orleans thousands of people were hooked on the socialist welfare system put forwarded by the Democrat Party and they deepened on that Party to sustain them and protect them. When the Democrat Governor and the Democrat Moyer fail them, they suffer the consequences of being dependent on others. The power structure of Louisiana neglect the people who brought them to power like an absentee landlord that collect rent while his building is dilapidating.

Because Conservativism is truly compassionate, we will do right by the people of Louisiana and other Gulf Coast States affected by Katrina. Unlike the Democrat Party”s socialist way of doing things, The Republican Party will help put our fellow Americans put themselves on their own two feet. We will not leave them dependent on any welfare program or government agencies, they will be self sustainable. Where the Democrat Party has failed them, we will prevail with our idea of an own-ship society that is not dependent on government. Money will be spent well and not be wasted like the Democrats have wasted trillions of dollars over the last 40 year that was intended to help the poor out of poverty but went towards welfare programs that left millions of Americans trap in inner-city poverty depending on a government check.

Where we have failed as Conservatives is that we allowed Liberal Socialist Democrats to use and abuse the poor and weak among us for their political gains. We have allowed Neo-Marxist to gain a foothold in our cities and our government. And these Neo-Marxists have done to our inner-cities what they have done to their Communist countries over the years leaving poverty and dependence in their wake. From the Soviet Union and East Germany of the past to North Korea, Cuba and Vietnam poverty and dependence goes hand in hand with Socialism and especially the Marxist Socialism named Communism.
Where we have failed as Conservatives in not blocking the Socialist in America we will not fail in the future. Poverty in America will be dealt with not by increasing taxes or creating bigger government but by creating an own-ship culture where there was none. No more housing projects in the future, no more welfare. Just a feeling of pride to know you owning something and you are your own man or woman. Dependence Ends Here!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Stop Illegal Immigration

President Bush will give another one of his speeches tonight and I bet he will not try to regain the support of conservatives by finally standing up against illegal immigration. In recent polls Bush’s approval rating is down 6% among Democrats but he is down nearly 12% among Republicans and conservatives. Great leaders always keep their base and the people who brought them to power content but Bush seem not to understand this approach in great leadership. He has spit in the face of American Conservatives who want to see our borders finally secure.

Bush can get a jump in his approval rating by 10% or more if he addresses the illegal immigration crisis tonight as well as the Katrina and where we go from here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Slave to Misery and Socialism

Why are Black Americans blindly following Democrats over the cliff of failure? The New Orleans power structure is control by the Democrats for well over 100 years. The poverty and hopelessness we all saw on our TVs after Hurricane Katrina was a direct result of over a hundred years of the Democrats at work. This poverty and hopelessness is easier to see and identify the greater the Democrat Party strength among the population. The Black population of New Orleans vote almost 97% percent Democrat year in year out. Why aren’t people in the so-called main stream media talking about how the Democrats failed their base once again? Black people in the South have been voting Democrat for the last 40 years, over that time the Democrats have had complete control over the Senate, House of Representative and the Presidency under Johnson, Carter and Clinton. Over that time Black Americans have been on a constant decline and that’s after 100 years have growth and a constant empowerment after the end of slavery in 1865.

Why can’t people realize that the Democrat Party has an invested interest in keeping them in dependence? As long as Black Americans and other Americans remain in constant poverty, Democrats can be well assure that they will have a base to sell their BULLSHIT socialist agenda to for many years to come. The old masters represented by the Democrat Party have their Negroes back on the plantation working hard and suffering while the masters set in their mansions drinking the lemonade their slavers made for them.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Dems Fight for Abortion

Judge John Roberts confirmation hiring will display the Democrats blood lust for baby blood and body parts. The liberal left have basically only one issue that they will begin to fight for today in the confirmation hirings, the sociopath idea of a right to kill unborn humans at will. Socialist Dems have been losing the system what took them many decades to build from union control unaccountable public schools, an ungodly welfare system that trap people in poverty and dependence, limiting the power of law enforcement officers, price controls, reducing the strength of the military, dismantling our intelligent services, affirmative action, and 76% income tax bracket, to restrict our energy independence by blocking the construction of power plants and refineries as well as limiting domestic drilling. Now one of the only big things liberal socialist have left is abortion and they are willing to go to the floor on this one. I say lets put the last nail in their socialist immoral coffin and send them off to Hell. Killing babies is the highest crime of mankind and we are nearing one billion worldwide since 1920. The killing of the defenseless innocent life of a human child is the darkest mark on our hands as a nation and we have socialist, liberals and Dems to thanks for this dishonor. We are nearing 50 million nationally.

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Blow to a Presidential Cover-up that Killed 3000

Sandy Bugler
Former National Security Adviser to the Clinton administration was convicted and then was sentenced yesterday for stealing highly classified documents from the National Archives and intentionally destroying some of them. Sandy Berger, President Clinton's national security adviser was sentenced to pay a $50,000 fine for illegally taking classified documents from the National Archives as well as to probation and community service. Sandy Berger was also ordered by the judge to give up his security clearance for three years. The documents that Sandy Berger stool and he even destroying some of them, were classified terrorism documents that some say show that the lax policies of the Clinton administration contributed to 9/11 because they had full knowledge of at least 4 of the highjack a year before September 11, 2001 including the leader Muhammad Atta. The Able Danger cover-up continues!
Sandy Berger aka Sandy Bugler avoided serious prison time by making a deal with prosecutors that even that judge said was too weak for the seriousness of the crime committed. Although it was a peal deal, I am happy to say that the he is now a convicted felon on the books and that’s good enough for me. The man could challenge the felony charge because he was doing it for week and they caught on to him early along so they setup hidden camera and caught him red handed leaving the National Archives with classified terrorism documents in his pants and socks. Just feel happy folks because another Clinton administration official got sentenced on felony charges and remember Clinton was also sentenced on felony charges to pay a fine and suspension of his law license. Which Clinton administration official will be caught next on felony charges? Or have they already destroyed all incriminating evidence?
Sandy Berger Convicted Felon, that sounds real good! Probably he will get to meet Martha Stewart while doing their court ordered community service.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Morality is Not Only Found in Biblical Verses

Many self-interested group that make up the Democrat Party because the Dems are willing to sell their ideas and beliefs to the highest bidder like the union elites, owns of immoral business, anti-American foreign interest and American social elites who think they know what is best for all people. If you have the money and you are willing to pay Dems are willing to take-up your cause. Dems are like the lowest among us, they have the same moral scale as trial lawyers and hitmen. If the money is right they are willing to take on any causes without moral judgments. These immoral Liberal Dems equate morality to some sort of ancient or prehistoric human folklore beliefs. Folklore beliefs that only fools and crackpots find in the bible or other ancient text. To Dems issues such as morality is relative. To Them Right and Wrong depends on what is good for one’s best interest.

Liberals in the 1800’s defended the institution of slavery just as vigorously as they defend abortions today. Unlike liberals, conservatives believe morality is not something that goes and comes with the tide or bend any which way the wind is blowing. In the 1800’s the liberal Democrat Party dominated American government and political scene which secure slavery in America. Democrat Party saw slavery as in their best interest and fought to see its expansion and they were winning until a new political party came along. The American conservative party we know today was founded by abolitionist in Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854 and officially took the name the Republican Party. And about them ten years later in 1865 slavery was ended after a war essentially between the Democrat Party and Republican Party or Immorality and Morality.

Socialist Liberal Democrats have a long history of being on the wrong side of morality and the tradition continues today. People trying to find food and water after a disaster is one thing but people looting for jeans, TVs, jewelry and Nike shoes is something completely different. To see liberals on TV defend looters and attacking the police for doing their job by trying to restore some sort of order to speed up the rescue and stopping thing before they get worst prove that liberals see are just plan crazy. To liberal Dems the police are immoral for restoring order and the looters are moral for taking what ever they want by stealing from the rich business owners. They are unable to see that looting cause further disorder and lawlessness.

Why can’t liberal Dems understand that good always win in the end? No matter how bad the situation get, good and morality always prevail because of the will and strength of the heart. Morality is found in the heart of good men, immorality is found in the head of sick men. NO CONTEST !

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Feeding Off Misery and Deviance

When liberal try to disparage their opponents by calling them homosexuals, child molesters, welfare queens, thieves, perverts or criminals it just prove that liberal Democrats know that their constituents of homosexuals, child molesters, welfare queens, perverts, racist and criminals are truly deviants. Why would liberal Democrats disparage their opponents by saying that their opponents are like the democratic constituency? You don’t hear conservatives calling their opponents patriots, faithful, honorable, family people, hard workers or law enforcers.

The Democratic Party is made up of lifetime welfare queens, homosexuals, child molesters, thieves, perverts, racist and criminals. The Democrats constituency is made of the worst element of American society; they want anarchy because deviance love misery. When there is mayhem and disorder the Democratic Party does well, when people suffer and there is no hope the Democratic Party does well. So what do you think Democrats want peace or lawlessness?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nancy Grace is so Disingenuous it makes me Sick

Nancy Disgrace

Is Nancy Grace the most insincere person on TV today? The woman makes my skin crawl as if millions of ants were all over me. Which liberal leftist genius executives at CNN came up with the dimwitted idea to put her on primetime? It absolutely kills me that out of the many people they could have put in primetime, they decided to put a woman with a trial lawyer’s personality in their best time slat. CNN is no strange to great female news personalities, Greta Van Susteren worked at CNN before moving to FOX NEWS and Willow Bay was at CNN before she moved to MSNBC. CNN gave up Willow Bay for Nancy Grace is like Prince Charles trading Princes Dianna for Camilla Parker Bowles, just plain stupid.

The Media that Cried Wolf Again and Again Till People Stop Listening

Up to 100,000 poor people in New Orleans did not evacuate the city before Hurricane Katrina arrived. Some of them have said that they didn’t believe what they were hearing and seeing from the media because they heard it all before and nothing happened. Last year the media warned about Hurricane Ivan as the big one that was going to destroy New Orleans but Ivan eventually bypasses the city. The poor people in New Orleans that heed the warnings last year simple ignore them last week because they couldn’t afford to evacuate knowing what happened last year when they did and the storm passed 175miles from New Orleans.