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Friday, January 13, 2006

Michael New: "I Am Not a UN Soldier"

Army Specialist Michael New
An American soldier was court martialled for refusing to wear a United Nations uniform and refusing to serve under foreign U.N. commanders but his fight continues today. U.S. Army Specialist Michael New was and is obeying his oath to defend the United States from its enemies and to uphold the U.S. Constitution when he was asked to ignore his Oath of Duty in order to serve the United Nations as some kind of U.S. mercenary. This great man serve in the Persian Gulf War in1991 honorable and now is serving the U.S. Constitution by refusing to wear U.N. blue RAGS when the Clinton administration in 1995 turned over control of thousands of American soldiers to the corrupt U.N. The U.S. Army's one goal is to protect America and not to recruit men for international entities. The fight for Army Specialist New in now in the US Court of Appeals to overturn his court-martial in addition to defend his right and duty to disobey an illegal anti-American order.

American Soldiers Don't Wear Blue Rags!
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