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Saturday, January 07, 2006

NBC is Gearing Up the War on Christianity

With their new series 'The Book of Daniel' NBC has declare war on christians and it is a war we should give the liberal cesspool that is the the Peacock Network. This new series is the most anti-Christian trash to be put on TV in many years and thats saying alot because of all the liberal leftists running the TV business. Once they were very subtle in their attacks on Christianity but now leftist people in charge of these top TV networks are putting Christian bashing in the forefront. These sicko liberals think Christians are going to keep on taking their continuing assault on us, they should think again. I don't want NBC just to take off their new anti-Christianity show from their programing, i want to bring NBC to their knee by showing how much Christians are important to their bottom line. NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ShopNBC, Telemundo, Sci Fi Channel and Bravo are all on my no watch list. If giving up all these channels is impossible for you, just give up NBC.

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Sean MacNair said...

Did you watch the show before you commented? If you didn't then just shut the hell up.