"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Supreme Mistake Calls for a Supreme Correction

Janice Rogers Brown is the only name that can help President Bush recover 100% from his mistake in nominating Harriet Miers. The problem with Harriet Miers is that she is an unknown quantity, their was a 50/50 chance she could have become another Souter. Why should we gamble? People have been fighting too long for 30 or more to take back the Courts from the radical anti-American liberal left and we are too close now to let some so-called conservative president to screw it up for us now. Bush will not bring us down with him! Conservatives should and will continue to fight for wahts best for America even if it means stepping over Bush.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Democrats are Just Stupid

Even with President Bush’s Supreme Court nomination blunder the anti-American Democratic Party is unable to capitalize. Only stupid inapt socialist are unable to benefit from their political opponent mistakes. Why don’t Dems propose their ideas? I think it is because their ideas coincide with Bush’s blunders. Bush’s mistakes and weakness reek of socialist and liberal stench. Instead of playing to his base and his strength Bush 43 has decided to sell out to the Dems and their liberal socialist agenda. President Bush must be as stupid as the socialist liberals he is selling out to if he thinks that True Conservatives are going to blindly follow him over the cliff that is Liberal Socialism.

I have said it before on this blog before months ago and I will say it again. President Bush is a liberal playing the role of a conservative. He played the role to get elected and reelect but now he does not need us for another election so he is finally showing his true colors. Bush try to portray himself as a stringent evangelical pro-life conservative but that’s a load of BS. I came to this conclusion years ago when Laura Bush said she was pro-abortion ( she said “pro-choice” but I dislike the term pro-choice because I think you are either in favor of abortion or against it, I don’t like mixing words. People who say they are “pro-choice” are in favor of abortion the word choice makes the term misleading. It like they are spearing themselves from a pro-abortion group believe in mandatory abortions for every pregnancy) I say what stringent evangelical pro-life conservative you know would marry a person in favor of abortion, the killing of helpless innocent. NONE

I was told along time ago that you can judge a man very much on his wife and vice versa. Things that a man hides in himself is sometimes clear as day in his wife. Dems can’t even capitalize from the falsehood in Bush position. Dems could have weakness Bush’s conservative credentials among conservatives by pointing out the holes in his life. If the Dems can’t take down a phony like Bush how can they run a country successfully. Dems are just Stupid Socialist with no plans and ideas.

Disappointed Disgusted Sad Sick but I am Back

Sorry I was away for so long but I have been Disgusted, Sadden and absolutely Sicken by the events over recent weeks but I am BACK because True Conservatives cannot benefit from political inaction in a system gone MAD.

Over the past two weeks all my fears about President Bush have been confirmed. He has gone off the deep end and has been reduce to calling conservatives who oppose his Supreme Court nomination sexist and elitist. “Sexist” and “elitist” I couldn’t believe those labs are coming from the so-called conservative president against real conservatives who have real concerns about his apparent idiotic nomination.

Bush has stabbed us in the back but we must fight on without him if we must. I hope no one from that family ever run for head office and especially not for the Presidency again, I am sick of the Bushs and I want nothing ever to do with the lot ever again. They should move to Texas or Connecticut or where ever they are from and live in shame. Only thing I can say is that they have stuck a great blow to the Conservative Movement from Bush 41 promising the American people no new taxes to his son Bush 43 spending spare, failure dealing with illegal immigration and lack of male glands when dealing with crazy radical liberals.

I just pray to God that a Real Conservative governor or senator setup to the plate and defend America from the anti-American leftist Democrats.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Will Bush Disappoint Conservatives Again?

Conservatives Want Janice Rogers Brown But will President Bush do the right and smart thing and nominate her for Justice breaking from his self-abusive romance with the Left.