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Monday, January 16, 2006

Planned Parenthood Distributes Free Defective Condoms to Teens

Planned Parenthood condoms had a 15 percent failure rate in a test performed by Consumer Reports!

Abortion provider Planned Parenthood distributes defective condoms to young people, some say its no mistake. Consumers Reports magazine found that Planned Parenthood brand condoms was the worst performer among 23 different kinds of condoms tested. The test results were so bad that Consumer Reports consider the Planned Parenthood condoms to be DEFECTIVE. The fact that Planned Parenthood is distributing free defective condoms is not a surprise to me, an immoral big business like Planned Parenthood selling abortion services nationwide always need new customers and it seem to me they are actively making new ones. Planned Parenthood put thousand of teens endanger of AIDS, HIV and other STDs in order to keep the traffic in their abortion houses flowing. I guess the billions of dollars they currently make each year is not enough for their greed for money or dead babies. And remember that they sell they bodies of the aborted babies for research bring them even more money. Good, safe and reliable condoms make no sense to the bottom line of Planned Parenthood or any mass abortion provider.
Planned Parenthood is a deadly choice in more than one way!

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Planned Parenthood is a deadly choice in more than one way!

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