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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Proof of Iraq WMD Programs

February 17-20, 2006. Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia.

A CD of Saddam talking about WMDs and detailing what he will do in the event of an America invasion of Iraq is in the hands of John Loftus of Intelligence Summit. And a former Iraqi Air Force General came out today backing up reports of the info on the CD that will be played for the public at the International Intelligence Summit. The info on this CD was put together by the Saddam regime itself and from what i heard is the Holy Grail of Iraqi weapons program including WMDs. What will liberals do now to attack Pres. Bush after proof of Iraq WMDs are presented on Feb. 18 and how will this affect the 2006 min-term elections?

For more info click on this link below.

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supplymadam said...

Heard about this. I am looking forward to see how the liberals spin this one.
They are unbelievable that when congress agreed aboput WMD's and then they take a 360 degree turn and say it was all Bush lying. They are so pathetic.