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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Feminism Kill Females

Females are Being Aborted at Extreme Rates in China and India. Thanks to the feminist movement, there is a genocide taking place across the World against baby girls for being girls. When the feminist from western countries spread the "Glory of Abortion" to the Thrid World it set in motion what we see today in India. Today in India unborn babies are being screen for their sex and if the baby is female it means certain death. Those who say they protect females have unleash the First Genocide Against Females. With socalist liberal left-wingers protecting you who need enemies. Planned Parenthood, Naral and NOW and their affiliates Worldwide are the force behind the spread of the idea that abortions are a human right that is needed across the World. I pray to God for the souls of all the baby girls being aborted for just being female.


Kristy Chan said...

Can you say "historical revisionism"? First of all, female infanticide is a very long spanning issue that precedes feminism in Asia. India's feminism was concurrent with suffrage in colonial Britian, where education for women because an issue on the political agenda. China's feminism began in the 1920's with one of China's political revolutions. Anti-foot binding techniques and the labor value of women in Marxist economic analysis, as well as women's education became an interrogated political issue. So, how is it possible that female infanticide, a horrible, sexist practice started at the beginning of the 20th century or during the 19th century? That is very shortsighted. Historically, female infants have been murdered for much longer, and not because of feminism, but because of the dowry/patrilineal systems where boy children were just seen as not only desirable but more fiscally advantageous to the parents. So, when we talk about "murdered girls", shouldn't we look first at female victims of infanticide before we would even consider, on even the most conservative day, a female fetus? The problem with screening the sex of babies (amniocentesis) in countries with a long histories of female infanticide is that, obviously, there will be more female aborted fetuses than male ones, but if this will prevent actual infanticide, I would say it is preferable to just have an abortion instead. Duh. If we are interested in ending sexism, it doesn't start with banning abortion. It starts with changing cultural values about men and women.

Kristy Chan said...

My friend Lara pointed out that there have been previous genocides against women, prior to legalized & safe abortion, like the Catholic Church burning so many women at stakes because they were supposedly witches. Doesn't that count as a genocide against women that would precede abortion.