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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

David Letterman is a Liberal Owned by the Evil Empire called Viacom Inc.

David "Screw America" Letterman

Bill O'Reilly learned last night that Viacom's flagship channel CBS with its David Letterman Late Show is Leftist Liberal heavan and conservative will not be tolerated. David Letterman went after his guest Bill O'Reilly like a crazed animal last night. Letterman basically called O'Reilly a liar last night to his face when O'Reilly stated facts about the War on Christmas being waged by the radical left-wingers. What Letterman did last night is too be expected from a liberal on one of the most anti-America company in the World. I stop watching Viacom channels like CBS and UPN years ago along with ABC, CNN and so on. We don't have to take this liberal leftist crap anymore from big old media companies, news and entertainment can be found elsewhere.

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Hue B. Mooksuki said...

if you want to talk about crazed animals, you need not look further than Pat Robertson.

What's more appauling? Letterman letting O'Reilly know what he thinks, TO HIS FACE!? or Psycho Pat Roberston claiming God gave Sharon a massive stroke for "Dividing God's Land"?

We all know Sharon's stroke came from too many Marlboros and Quarter Pounders.

Letterman is a comedian! and if you didn't know (most right wingers don't) Jon Stewart is a comedian too!

Why the hell is everyone so surprised about how Letterman acted towards O'Reilly? O'REILLY NEEDS TO STICK TO FOX, NOBODY FORCED HIM TO GO ON LETTERMAN!