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Monday, August 22, 2005

Wal-Mart Fighting for its Life While Selling America out to Red China

A number of unions from around the World are joining forces internationally to go after Wal-Mart. they are supposed to announce their campaign against Wal-Mart today in Chicago. They want to unionize Wal-Mart workers not locally through grass roots efforts but through global action. This is the strongest union action Wal-Mart as faced in years and this is the most unions have been united against them. If the unions win, Wal-Mart will end up like once great American companies and institutions that was overcome by the big unions. Like GM, Ford, American Airlines, United Airlines, textile industry, American health care system and public education, Wal-Mart would be reduce to a shell of it self.

I have been a big supporter of Wal-Mart and I just hate unions with their socialist vision of the World. Not to mention the entrenched corruption and mob connections that always seem to follow labor unions. But I will not longer support Wal-Mart because of their close ties to Red China. Everything in Wal-Mart says “Made in China,” even that tie shirts with the American flag and USA printed on them have the “Made in China” tags. If Wal-Mart made the investment they made in China in almost any other country even socialist India I would still be on their side. But not the Communist Republic of China, we have been misinformed long enough. Americans will not support Chinese communism and their military buildup anymore for the future of our own country.

Wal-Mart once was a great American company under the leadership of Sam Walton. But now they have put profits ahead of nation in a way that endanger our security. Its not all Wal-Mart falt, the Clinton administration appoved Chinese products in the American markts in a big way. And since the money is rolling in like mad cow the Bush administration is supporting this dangerous trade with Red China. I hope the unions don't succeed in their quest to unionize Wal-Mart but at this point I don't really care because I think Wal-Mart has spit in the face of the American people who would have supported them. So let them deal with the anti-American socialist unions from around the world on their own. Since they have been in a relationship with Red China for several years now, they should have experience dealing with anti-American socialists on their own.

Check these links out, today is the first day of the big meeting of unions on what they are going to do to deal with Wal-Mart.

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Global Union Discusses Plans to Unionize Wal-Mart Aug. 22-25

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This is what sleeping with Communist gets you Wal-Mart, the Hell with you. I know it will hurt America to have the Neo-Marxist unions suck the life from Wal-Mart but it will probably hurt us more to let Wal-Mart continue to enrich Red China.

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