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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina will be Blamed on Bush somehow

The liberal main stream media will find some fault against President Bush after Hurricane Katrina does her damage to the Gulf States. And with this fault they will blame the disaster left be Katrina on Pres. Bush and is insensitive administration. From the price of gasoline after the storm to the people who couldn’t leave New Orleans for whatever reason, it will be blamed on Pres. Bush. NO MATTER WHAT Bush did before the hurricane or after the Hurricane he will be at fault for something.

If Pres. Bush ventured to Louisiana right after the hurricane they will blame on for going to the site of the disaster too soon and in doing so taking away attention from the aftermath and human suffering. If Pres. Bush ventured to Louisiana a day after the hurricane they will blame on for going to the site of the disaster too late and in doing so showing that he has no feelings for human suffering in the aftermath of a terrible event. In either case the MSM will go after Bush with a blind and persistent irrational rejection of logic and factual data in favor of agenda driven hate and fear mongering. The likes we haven’t seen since November’s election with the phony front page story about missing explosive in Iraq that just seem to disappear after the election. Or the phony CBS story we saw earlier that year that led to Dan Rather retirement after he tried to take down the Pres. Bush with fake documents.

If neither of these two scenario workout for the liberal bias main stream media, they will find something else. What ever they decided to use against Bush for Hurricane Katrina it will be ugly for him because if the great tragedy that the people of Gulf States will be enduring. Our Prayers to Those in the Path of Hurricane Katrina be Safe.


supplymadam said...

That is so funny. I said the exact same thing. You know the Global Warming thing.

D_Bokk said...

He and the government are to blame. Not for any of those stupid reasons you listed for this reason :