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Friday, August 12, 2005

Remember Halabja

Halabja, Iraq March 16, 1988

Did Saddam Hussein have WMDs? Ask the Kurds of Halabja

Up to 5,000 people die over a 2 day period
Wikipedia: Halabja poison gas attack


Sean Hannity is a homosexual said...

Nice pictures from 17 years ago - What's your point?

I think we all know that Saddam is a nut bag psycho, but how many WMDs have we found in 2003 - 2005?????? NONE! but we have lots of dead American soldiers to show for it.

Most of the soldiers in Iraq now were between the ages of 1 and 3 when these pictures were taken.

You may as well post pictures from Nazi death camps - it would be just as non-relevant.

So what IS your point in posting these outdated pictures????

Are you trying to say that Saddam HAS WMDs?

Maybe you should post pictures of dead young American soldiers in Iraq (like my younger brother who was killed by a road side bomb) and explain why it's ok for them to die for a lie.


Anonymous said...

Dear Homosexual-
I am very sorry for the loss of your brother and others. The pictures her whether they were recent or 17 years ago are an example of the brutality that was and is Saddam Hussein. What makes you think because they were 17 years ago that it is okay now? Maybe he hasn't gassed anyone lately but there had been reports of his on going torture of humanity and contiued gas testing on animals.
Everyone is so sure he's no threat but I beg to differ by all the reports of this madman.
I hope one day you can find it in your heart that the sacrifices that were made was to protect us here at home in the long run.

I don't want you spamming my blog... said...

I think "Sean Hannity is a Homosexual" had a valid question which you totally ignored.

HOW MANY WMDs HAVE WE FOUND??? That was the original reason we went to war. Remember... According to Bush and Co. saddam had nukes, gas, and terror camps. where are THOSE WMDs...

We didn't go to war because of saddam's "on going torture of humanity and contiued gas testing on animals."

The only reason we went to Iraq was because George W. has a hardon for sadam... Mainly because his equally lame ass father couldn't get the job done in the first place.

I find humor in the fact that all these people we are supposed to be "saving" are the same people who chant "Death to America"

Don't fool yourself, we aren't winning any friends over there and we are most definately not making things safer here on the homefront.

Anonymous said...

We didn't find WMD'S but there was enough information to support the fact that he did. And believe me he had plenty of time to get rid of them. He would forbid the UN inspectors to talk to his scientists. Gee I wonder why. And if he did what he did to his own people what was to make us think he was not continuing to work on his weapons programs? And by the way we did find a terror training camp there equipped with a grounded passengar plane. Something else the media doesn't want us to hear about. Because they hate Bush too. Dan Rather treated Saddam with more respect than his own president.Believe me it's not just the war. When Bush ran in the first election they were already trying to get him.