"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Border Disorder and Politics

The Democrats are out maneuvering President Bush’s as a result of his misguided immigration policies. Pres. Bush is just as liberal on illegal immigration as the majority of Democrats across America. Pres. Bush and the demented Democratic Party want to give the 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants amnesty for breaking our laws without ending the law breaking. If liberals including Pres. Bush manage to give the 10 million or so illegal immigrants amnesty, what will stop the 40% of Mexicans who say they want to America? Mexico has a population of about 106,202,000 people, so over 40 million of them want to cross over to America. And if people like Pres. Bush get their ways, a good portion of them growing 40 million will be here soon. No one can blame Mexicans living in a corrupted socialist system from wanting a better life in American. But can anyone blame Americans for wanting to protect our standard of living and our laws?

President Bush has made a political decision on illegal immigration that’s not only disrespectful to the law but is a danger to national security. I have said this before and I will say it again, if terrorist cross the southern border like illegal immigrants and manage to cause another 9/11 scale attack; Pres. Bush will be impeach and be kicked out of office with the full support of conservatives. His disregard to illegal immigration and the border in favor of petty business interest and political benefits is a shame to the Republican Party. I expect this disregard to the national interest in favor of erroneous political gains from Democrats but not from a self describe conservative. Regan and Lincoln should be turning in their graves in disgrace with President Bush’s leadership.

Democratic politicians in the southwest are now trying to appear tough on this National Crisis because they unlike Pres. Bush can feel the pulse of the American people. And Pres. Bush is in fact setting up the GOP for national failure in 2006 with is lack of clear and decisive support of Middle America on this issue.


D_Bokk said...

Being the right winger you are, I would think you would support Bush's decision. Well, that's if you were in anyway educated on the current political situation in Mexico.

To start, Mexico isn't Socialist, right now. Please educate yourself some before you start making a fool of yourself. However, López Obrador, a leading politician in Mexico is leading the polls for the 2006 election. Obrador is hailed as another Hugo Chávez. In other words, Mexico's people are about to take power for themselves and move towards Socialism... good for them.

In order to not be hypocritical, Right-Wingers must not support the legalization of these immigrants. All this because "DEY TOOK OURRR JOBZZ!!one11!" At least those rednecks are doing some good for the socialist cause.

Myron said...

Mexico is Socialist, what are you talking about "Mexico isn't Socialist, right now" I think you mean the party in power right now isn't socialist, but I am not talking about political parties. I am talking about the country and the socialist system that was established over like 80 years of socialist rule. Learn your history moron

And in fact Vicente Fox of the so-called conservative National Action Party is more socialist than conservative be American standards. Just like how the so-called conservative Tory Party of the UK is not very conservative by American standards.

conservative parties in socialist countries became more socialist over time and socialist parties in conservative countries became more conservative.

Just look at the top Democrat for 2008, Hillary Clinton is moving to the right each day on her positions on most issues.

D_Bokk said...

By right now, I was implying that it will be in the future. For one, the Mexican government hasn't nationalized all of the arable land and moved towards self-sufficiency. They've done the exact opposite. They whored out their land and people to American companies which essentially enslaved the Mexican people. Typical Right Wing response, claim their way to be truthful while not presenting any proof.

I don't think you know what Socialism is... you were just taught by Daddy and Fox to hate it. And then claim that everything bad is Socialist.