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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Radical Islamists and Liberalism

First of all, this is not a war against terrorism; this is a war against Radical Fundamental Islam. Liberals wanted to “understand” the Radical Islamist terrorist and what we Americans did to them to cause them to attack us on 9/11 killing thousands of people instead of gearing up to fight them like the savages they are. The only thing we need to know about the Radical Islamists is that they kill innocent people around the world including hundreds of American even before the Iraqi War and 9/11. They only thing they need to know about us is that there are focus Conservative Americans who will not rest till all of them are dead or imprisoned.

Liberals don't care one bit for our brave men and women in Iraq, as a matter of fact liberal Dems hate them. Damn liberals showed their hand when they compare American soldiers to Nazis and Soviets. All this negative propaganda against our military from the left-wing anti-American liberals while they called the Radical Islamists freedom fighters is enough to make me sick. The socialist Dems are trying to undermine Bush anyway they can even if it means undermine our soldiers in combat. The Radical Islamists should not be fooled, the Liberal element in America will not decide this war and they should not find false comfort in the anti-American left because in the end the right will prevail as we always do.

Radical Islamists are at war with the World, from Russia, India, Israel, Britain, Spain, Indonesia, Sudan, America, Netherlands, to Nepal. They are fighting other Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, and Buddhist. This is World War 3, we need to take off the gloves and we need to fight them like we are really at war. The Radical Islamists scumbags know we have a disease called Liberalism and being the good terrorist they are they are taking advantage of this weakness we have.

The Radical Islamists like to use American foreign policy as reason for their wave of terror on 9/11 and in the Middle East. But what is their excuse for killing 12 innocent Nepalese Hindus? What does 12 innocent Nepalese Hindus have to do with American foreign policy? Absolutely nothing, Nepal is just another front in their global war. Al Zawahiri and OBL are Radical Fundamental Islamists who want Fundamental Islam to regime over the World.

Click on the Link Below
Execution of 12 Nepalese hostages by Radical Muslims. WARNING! This is video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

Let this be clear, they have started something that in the end we will finish.


Mark said...

fuck off my fucking blog you fucking spamming cunt.

DirtyBird said...

Hey Myron, how'd you wind up posting a comment on my blog?

Also, what does your comment have to do with my original post about dippy English police vehicles?

Also, what are you hoping to accomplish by leaving such a comment on my blog?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on your actions. Right now, I'm a little mystified.

partridge said...

Quote: "while they called the Radical Islamists freedom fighters is enough to make me sick"

Thewhointhewhatnow? Who was it called these Islamic terrorists 'freedom fighters'? Why I do believe it was Ronnie Reagan - on the White House Lawn, he also called them "the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers".


Yup, those pesky librrrrruls.

Anonymous said...

EXTREMELY GRAHPIC shit, damn islamist

Anonymous said...

this guy just wants links and attention brought to his little world. He spams every other blog he can find hoping people will read his drivel and be sucked in.

don't do it.

Anonymous said...

oh, and it's spelt GRAPHIC you illiterate moron.

May1983 said...

yeah, I have no idea how you found my blog, but you are pretty ignorant and obviously you didn't read my specifications:
I like men who are LEFT/GREEN and men who are AGAINST bush and the war, etc. So please, find a square, conservative, republican girl to pester and leave me alone! Thanx :)

flipper said...

Wow, this is the most juvenile tripe I've come across in a while. Are you TRYING to be funny? Because it IS slightly amusing, along the same line as, say, fart jokes.

Of course, you might have that genetic defect thing that afflicts most radical right-wingers. In which case, we should all just feel sorry for you, you poor thing.

MoDic said...

Wow dude you have more clips?

HAN1981 said...

i just saw several people get their throat slash and this guy is complaining about spelling

Anonymous said...

well, people should get their facts right, if you can't spell a word you're thick as pigshit in my book.

Hue B. Mooksuki said...

Dude, I thought I had the worst blog ever. I stand corrected.

This is nothing more than regurgitated Michael Savage hate.

suggestion, on your links section you should put the "is an asshole" after Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter's name.


Craig said...


Surrey405 said...

people are too harsh on you. let me jsut tell you i am left and anti-right, anti-religion, anti-bush, anti-war. but i just want to tell you that well you have thr right to says things which you believe in, but do us a favour, use logic and your mind in thinking stuff, without that you will stay what you are, maybe with logic you may understand reality. best of luck. and i dont mind you leaving messages on my blog unless they are actual comments but no advertising. people will still see your blog if you just comment, you dont have to tell them what site you have.

saratoga said...

All of this is not worth it. Killing doesn't solve anything.

The Pretty One said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Your views are funny. Now lets all have cake.

jyny said...

As surrey405 says. You definitely have the right to say, think and post whatever you want. HOWEVER...


If you have an actual comment about something I have written, great, leave the comment. I would have seen your site anyway, but now, since you used (without permission) my blog to promote your own views and obtain hits on your blog, I want nothing to do with you and your views.

See you have to realize that you "catch more flies with honey, than vinegar". When you do things to piss people off, as you most definitely have done, you PERMANENTLY turn them off to EVER accepting or even LISTENING to you views and beliefs.

Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, it is NEVER going to happen if you continue to act this way. I hope these comments have opened your eyes to your selfish behavior.

Ron, apparently said...

You're a fucking idiot without a single independent thought. I feel sorry for you.

Grandpa Eddie said...

You talk about liberal propaganda. What's the difference with this fucking bullshit and lies you tell?

Who the FUCK appointed you the "army of god" anyway?

You condemn the Islamic extremists for their "religious" extremism when you yourself are a "religious" extremist, the only difference is the belief you wrap yourself in. You're just as crazy, if not crazier than they are.

Anonymous said...

See the hate messages the liberals leave when they know you are "right".
Michael Savage rocks! At least he tells both sides. These people have nothing to say so they continue to trash everything. If Al Gore went into Iraq the liberals would be right behind him.These Saddam lovers. Always sticking up for the enemy. It's friggin pathetic. They won't be satisfied till we get hit with a nuke. Did anyone blame America for the 1993 World Trade Bombing? Of course not. These people are what the real danger to our national security is. Insighting the enemy.So blind and naive. It's a real shame they can't see past pro-life and special interests. Stupid,stupid,stupid!!!!!!

DirtyBird said...

It's my considered opinion that the anonymous fellow who posted at 08:15 today is none other than Myron Brown himself, doing a little logrolling for his site.

Note the poor grammar. Note the sentence fragments. If that's not Myron, I'll eat my hat.

Kind of sad when you get right down to it. I asked him in my original comments why he spammed me, and he didn't answer. I sent him an email asking why he spammed me, and he didn't answer. Now, under the cover of being anonymous, he engages in his usual trash talk.

So, young Myron, I have more questions for you:

1 - Why the chicanery viz a viz your identity?

2 - What did Saddam have to do with 9/11?

3 - If you're so fired up about Iraq, when are you going to enlist?

4 - If you're not going to enlist, what in the name of sweet Christ gives you the right to smack talk Senator McCain?

5 - Are you aware that Senator McCain has actually spilled blood, shed blood and suffered for his country, whereas your boy Bushie and his handlers actively avoided active service?

6 - Are you going to take an English class before you graduate?

Thanking you in advance for the courtesy of a reply, I remain Eric Berry, a smarter, better man than you.

DirtyBird said...

More on Myron's deception:

So, young Myron's poorly-disguised anonymous post this morning got me curious, and I did a little more research into his monkey business.

You've probably noticed Han1981's comment suggesting that spelling wasn't important. I checked out his blog, called "iConservative," and I found there's only one post, from July 18th, 2005. It looks like a test post, 'cause he didn't actually say anything.

I then checked out his profile. Very little information there, but I did note that his profile ID # is 10864781.

I then noticed that there was a comment on Han1981's test post from 7/18/05. The comment is, you guessed it, one of Myron's spams for his blog.

However, the comment/spam is from someone called "Kan." I clicked to check out Kan's profile, and was startled when I was taken to Han's profile page. I checked it, and "Kan" has profile ID # 10864781, just like "Han1981." It's the same account, with just a change in screen names. And, Han / Kan posted a spam for Myron's Farrightwing blog.

So, it looks like young Myron has been fooling around, changing screen names, seeing what he can do to get away with commenting on his own postings, via other names. Looks like he realized his trail could be traced, so he's switched to posting as an anonymous user, to try and cover his tracks.

Given Myron's radio silence to date, and given his demonstrated track record of mendacity and obfuscation, I'm officially prepared to designate Myron Brown a Lying Sack of Shit. I say again: Myron Brown, you are a Lying Sack of Shit.

Myron, when you resort to deceptive tactics in an attempt to bolster an untenable position, you do exactly the opposite. You weaken your argument.

Until the outrages of the Bush regime left me no choice, I was proud to call myself a conservative. Shit, I even voted for Dole. But if the conservative movement is made up of Lying Sacks of Shit like Myron, I'm glad I've left it behind.

You should be ashamed of yourself Myron. Go clean up your room.

Anonymous said...

See the hate messages the liberals leave when they know you are "right...

it's not because you are right, its because you are inconsiderate moron spambombing the blogs of people who dislike the neo-con hawks you adore.

I don't want the ignorant hate you vomit forth on my website, and the more blogs you indiscriminately spam, the more people will regard you, quite rightly, as an aggressive warmongering inconsiderate idiot.

Choose your target audience wisely, for you may become a target.

Anonymous said...

I would cover my tracks too if I were Myron because by hearing some of these replies some of these people sound like they would hunt him down. I say do want England is doing. Investigate the Mosques and deport these radicals. How about the guy they just arrested that was planning on opening up a terrorist training camp in Oregon. That's right people,just keep sticking up for the enemy. It's time to get on the band wagon.

Anonymous said...

Eat your hat Dirtybird,it wasn't Myron logrolling. Yes there are others who share his views. You don't like it then move to Iraq. Wait,we'll put Sadam back in power first. Then you can experience his torturous ways.