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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

FOX News Win MSNBC Loses Again

Rita Cosby is now on MSNBC and that is great for Fox News. The woman sound just like the way she looks, like a fat blonde pig. Getting Rita to move to MSNBC was a excellent move by the executives at Fox News. Not only did they remove a true disaster from their channel but they also send that human waste of a person (the disaster) to their competitor. Two birds with one stone, just genius move by Fox. I hope the executives at Fox News are now working on the Araldo Riviera problem, this guy is a true scumbag. Please send him to CNN, Araldo would fit in just fine there.

MSNBC is a shining light for media types for what not to do. The executives at MSNBC are batting a thousand for failure with their dim-witted moves. Putting Rita Cosby in primetime tells me these people have no idea of what they are doing. Surely they are not purposely trying to get low ratings and fail. The woman is ugly, stupid and she sounds like a monster. When she was on Fox News, this woman’s voice always caused me to change the channel every time she is on. Despite the fact that she is more of an unintelligent liberal then anything else, her voice should be enough to bar her from TV or radio. She is one of those undercover liberals like all the reporters and anchors on CNN that hide behind neutrality but if you watch them long enough and listen to them closely you get where they are coming from.

Rita Cosby the pig with a voice from Hell

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