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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Illegal Immigration, Its About Security Stupid

According to an amazing new poll, conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, 4 in 10 adult Mexican citizens would move to the US -- and this desire is equally present in the lower and upper economic classes. This is, also, the first poll of its kind ever conducted. Looks like we're doing something right...
-- Larry Kudlow of Kudlow's Money Politic$

Larry said “Looks like we're doing something right.”

What are we doing right Mr. Kudlow? How about what we are doing wrong?

Making our country so desirable to Mexicans they are willing to break our laws and allow them to do so uncheck without documentation. Illegal immigration must be stem. The population of Mexico is about 100,294,000 and from the Pew Hispanic Center numbers 40% of the Mexican population want to come to the U.S. We already have 10,000,000 illegal Mexicans in America, 40% of 100,294,000 is over 40,000,000 people and that’s a crippling number. Let Mexico fix their backward socialist system by blocking them from dumping their poorest uneducated citizens on us.

Our health care, educational and social services can hardly handling the 10,000,000 that are already here, an additional 40 million for a grand total of 50 million would make America a third world country. Think about it, 50,000,000 poor people would cause the politicians to increase taxes on middle class America to support our social services and welfare system. I can believe so-called Republicans like Pres. Bush are will to allow foreigners to break our laws for their cheap labor.

The Democrats in the Southwest are moving to the right on this issue while President Bush moves to the left. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) declared a state of emergency on the states Mexican border last week Friday and Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) declared a state of emergency along Arizona's border with Mexico on Monday. The Dems are taking a conservative America issue and they are running with it. Even the Neo-Marxist Hillary Clinton is trying to put fort herself as being tough on illegal immigration.

I have said it before and I ill say it again, when Republicans play politics like Dems they lose like Dems. Just look at the Jeannine Pirro fiasco, northeast liberal Republicans set their case back by spring the fake Jeannine Pirro on us.

And for those Economic Growth-First Republicans it is not about the economy, illegal immigration is about security stupid. Well Street Journal writers and editors would praise the sale of American hydrogen bombs to Red China as a great symbol of international free trade and how far we have come to make such a deal. All this foolishness in the name of Economic Growth and free trade, while setting up our nation for a disaster. Damn sell America First Republicans are just as bad as the Blame America First Democrats. America is only safe when conservatives have their eyes wide open after they stop counting their money in the dark.

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