"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Conservatives Call for Pres. Bush’s Impeachment

Pat Buchanan called for President Bush to be impeach today because of is lack of action on the Illegal Immigration Crisis. I support Pat Buchanan call for impeachment 100%, if Pres. Bush gets his way the Republican Party will become a minority party for the next 30 years and America will be overcome with undocumented law breakers along with potential terrorist. Protect our borders and impeach Bush, that will send a message to the lifetime professional politicians in D.C. If conservatives impeach Bush then they will know we are serious about the Illegal Immigration Crisis. A nation that does not protect its border will not remain a nation for too long.

The only action that Bush can take to stop the called for his impeachment is to seal the borders and stop all illegal immigration. Then crackdown on companies that employ illegal immigrates. These companies usually write off labor provided by illegal immigrates at tax payers expense. We must stop the greed that endanger our country by those companies and people that have no respect for their country’s laws. The illegal immigrates is not the only ones disregarding American law. Even the President is in on the crime, impeach him and lock up all law breakers. Its not that we don’t have laws on the books to protect the border, it is that individual in government refuse to enforce them. From congress to the White House these individual with their special interest financing need to be held accountable.

The last thing I want is more Clintons, but Pres. Bush must be held accountable for is inaction. If it was a Dem in the White house today and 900,000 illegal immigrates coming into America each year we all would be calling for impeachment. The Republican Congress and the Republican White House inaction on the Illegal Immigration Crisis is what will guarantee Hillary in the White House in 2008. And that should scare us all!

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