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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Presidential Serial Rapist

Why the so-called main stream media and so-called women’s organizations let Bill Clinton getaway with all his affairs, sexual assault allegations and sexual harassment settlements. Now we are hearing that he also raped his own wife and she is still with him in public at least, how sad.
Is this man a Serial Rapist and did he rape this woman?
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Anonymous said...

george bush is a far bigger criminal, and his crimes affect millions. get some perspective. so what if he had sex with someone? that's not as big a crime as murdering people, mocking the mentally ill on death row ("Oh! please don't kill me!") and joking about Weapons Of Mass Destruction at press conferences.

Your Soldiers are dead because of that liar.

Anonymous said...

"Your Soldiers are dead because of that liar"

It sickens me that Our Soldiers risk their lives so You People can have the freedoms you have. And you have the balls to call them "Your Soldiers"?

You want to talk about WMD'S? Go to Google and google this you ingrate.

"President Bill Clintons 1998 Desert Fox Speech" and then come back here and back up those lies.

You people are so friggin brainwashed by the media and the Michael Moore's of the world.

Come back here after you go to that google site and let's see what you have to say then.

And when we get hit again,call a cop!

Anonymous said...

Here are your liars about WMD'S