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Monday, August 22, 2005

Iraqi Constitution Drafted

This drafted constitution mark another step forward for America and Iraq in our struggle against al-Qaida’s Iraqi insurgence. But by no means is this effort over, this success demands a stronger push forward because the insurgence will get more despite with each goal achieved by coalition forces.

Iraqi Constitution is being held up by the old guard from the Saddam Hussein regime, Sunni Arab elites are still trying to block the country from moving forward by warning against the drafted constitution. The Sunni Arabs tried to start a civil war, they tried to delay the first free Iraqi Election and now they want to stop the constitution. This constitution must move forward with or without the Sunni Arabs, we cannot wait for them to realize their absolute hold on power is over. The Iraqi Parliament has enough votes with the Shiite and Kurdish alliance to past the constitutional drafted. And they should, let the Sunni Arabs dig their own political graves.


Libby Rall said...

You are so glib, before you crack open the bubbly, maybe do a little more research in places other than the Fox Spin Network.

The draft constitution for Iraq to be presented to parliament on Monday will make Islam "a main source" for legislation and ban laws that contradict religious teachings...

Hmmm, is THAT what our young soldiers are dying for? This is going to "mark another step forward for America and Iraq in our struggle against al-Qaida’s Iraqi insurgence"??? (those are your words, not mine)

The Taliban made Islam a "Main Source" for legislation, and look where that got them?

I'm not sure what the woman in the picture is smiling about, maybe she missed being less than a 2nd class citizen.

Our military will be in Iraq until 2008 at the very least, and if you don't think there will be a civil war in Iraq, then you are very misguided.

This site is filled with lies and spin, are employed by Fox?

cheeky_monster said...

First person with some sense. Thank god for that - I was going to lose my faith in human nature...