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Thursday, August 18, 2005

CNN, the Communist News Network

CNN is short for Communist News Network not the Cable News Network. CNN's answer to FOX News constantly out ranking them in the ratings is to move further to the left into the land of Neo-Marxism and radical anti-American leftist groups like the ACLU. CNN seem not to be interested in any story that may depict Democrats, liberals, socialists, radical anti-American leftists or the Clintons in a bad light. CNN almost complete disregard to the Able Danger debacle in addition to their around the clock coverage of the anti-American protestors in Texas demonstrate their liberal bias and their irrational rejection of significant factual data in favor of agenda driven hate and fear mongering. The only time CNN report on the Able Danger debacle brought to us by Clinton administration is when the 9/11 Commission report lies, like a week age when they said that the never met with anyone from Able Danger. CNN never seem to have the time to retract or correct the lies they report, CNN just continue on with more lies or miss-information.

CNN could now be short for Clinton News Network because of their deal with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary told CNN through one of her representative that if CNN cover the Ed Klein book ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY’ that the Clintons would not appear on CNN again. The deal CNN made with the Clinton’s keep negative news about the Clinton’s on the back burner at the very best but more and more now they just don’t report anything that may upset the Great Stain Maker and his wife Hillary Clinton. For ignoring and help in covering up the Clintons dirty past, CNN will get first access to the Clintons for future interviews and leaks.


Anonymous said...

So true! The left is always villianizing Fox News because it uncovers the dirty little lies that CNN and Co. leave out of their newcasts. So they just keep listening to what the media is feeding them only showing one view. So when Fox came on and showed us there's another side to what the media is feeding people they get all defensive and nasty.

Anonymous said...

This is where Liza gets all her information from. That's explains the attitude she shares with other people aroun the world. It's called one sided media.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. Europeans laugh at CNN and don't even take Fox seriously enough to warrant any comment. You people are just so misguided. Your (American) news is renowned to be one of the worst in the world.

The threat from Al Qaeda is terrifying. But the threat from you red neck Americans is just as terrifying. When I first came across your blog, with the pictures of dead Iraqi women and children, I honestly believed I had come across some Muslim fundamentalist group similar to Al Qaeda, who also have photos of dead Iraqi or Chechen women and children on their websites. Despite your two groups being on opposing ends of the spectrum - to me the similarities are endless and equally frightening.


Anonymous said...

No Liza-
You are the frightening one. Because you don't live in America,you don't have or know the issues of living here.(like you pretend to know)Where are your comments on the previous post? You only make very vague comments which aren't specific. The reason you have nothing to say on the previous post is because it tells of our reality here and you have nothing of relevance to say about it because this is our reality and there is nothing you can add to it that is negative.

D_Bokk said...

Hah. What a joke... CNN a communist news station.

A Communist News Station would have covered the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Instead they left out the truth and through commercials they spread lies to the American public. Communists are for the people, not against them.

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