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Monday, August 01, 2005

Senator Bill Frist Unfit to Command

Sen. Frist says “I believe human life begins at conception” yet he announces his support for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. This man is of the John Kerry mold and should be treated in the same manner. Sen. Frist has his eyes on the Presidency and he has decided to go for it in the Sen. Kerry fashion with contradictions and a lack of convictions. I didn’t support a double talking Democrat and I will not support a double talking so-called Republican.

Frist Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Pulls a Kerry

Dobson Disappointed Frist Backing Embryonic Stem-Cell Research

Sen. Bill Frist Ignores Adult Stem Cell Successes

Frist’s Folly

Conservatives all support adult stem cell and umbilical cord stem cell research, we don’t need to be savages by experimenting on human embryos.

I see all the Republican Senators who claimed to be pro-life and are now supporting embryonic stem cell research as old rich farts who know they are approaching their deaths. And all the money in the World can’t buy them back their youth, but they see embryonic stem cell research as a way to tack on a few more years on their soulless bodies. Yeah they are pro-life, they are very pro their own life so much so they are willing to kill others to preserved their own. What is next for them, cloning people for body parts? According to their logic taking innocent life to save the life of others is just fine. This pro-life thing to them was just a campaign slogan for them to get elected, they never believed it or just don’t care about it just like their Democrat counterpart. I said no to Johrn Kerry and I will say not to Bill Frist even if that means handing the Presidency to Hilary Clinton. Turncoats are unacceptable, and we have seen our fair share over the last 20 years even a Marxist Socialist like Hilary won’t make me back Frist.

Worst of breed Republican Senators

Sen. Bill Frist 54
Sen. John McCain 69
Sen. Orrin G. Hatch 71
Republican Sen. Arlen Spector 75 and an abortionist


madman said...
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Azahar Machwe said...

you dont think stem cell research is good?

Surrey405 said...

Now you don't want him in command, first you wanted him when he was licking Bush's feet, now he does not do that, you want him out. Wow...i love right wingers. Join the left, you will feel much better...at peace with yourself.

You Are NOT a Christian said...

ALL the right wingers loved Frist when he was Bush's medical expert in the Schivo Circus. All the right wing "ass Jacks" like lamebaugh, Scarboring, Hannity (jackass), Ann Cunter, and Michael Savage were talking about how great of a doctor Frist is... But when their "Medical Expert" goes against the right wing Psuedo Chritians - all of the sudden he's "unfit". you can't have it both ways.
you seem like the type that uses Bible versus to show everyone how evil they are and at the same time forgetting the main Christian ethic, love your neighbor.