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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ann Coulter for President 2008

Some times the best person for the job is a woman with a gun! Ann Coulter is able and willing to defend America from Illegal Immigration, Liberalism and Radical Islam. President Bush can learn a lot from her and he should do so for the sake of the country he is responsible for. Take the broken southern border issue. The Bush administration is asleep at the wheel. It so bad that even the Democrat governors from Arizona and New Mexico is positioning to be safe politically on illegal immigration. Ann Coulter has been trying to get the Bush administration to do something about illegal immigration for nearly five years now. But it took two Democrat governors slamming the Bush administration last week for them to finally start looking at this issue seriously. Michael Chertoff the head of Homeland Security finally announced new measures on the Mexican border problems. But is it too little too late for the Bush administration on illegal immigration. They should have listen to Coulter five years ago when the first took office, Pres. Bush’s legacy will be hurt for his liberal like inaction on this issue.

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