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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bush Not a Conservative But He Plays One on TV

President Bush want open borders with Mexico and that is why he does not do anything to stop the illegal immigration windfall over running America. Pres. Bush has take-up where Bill Clinton left off on the China front; Bush has help strengthen the Chinese economy so much that China is now undergoing one of the largest military built-up the World has ever seen. And this fact should be important to you because The People Republic of China does not care one bit for the life of its citizen and care even less about none Chinese. Pres. Bush is spending money like its going out of style; this man has never veto one spending bill from Congress. Bush is given our money to Africa, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Iraq and to our dear friends the Palestinians. Bush is using the US tax payer’s money to buy friends around the World.

Pres. Bush’s wife Laura Bush is an abortionist open left-winger in the mold of a liberal Hollywood actress spending $10,000 on a Gown by Oscar de la Renta for Pres. Bush’s Inauguration. Yes $10,000 dollars on a dress while our boys in Iraq were short on flak jackets. Each flak jacket cost about $500 so for the cost of that dress 20 more America solders could have had a life saving flak jacket on Bush’s Inauguration day. And we all know how Laura Bush can get down and dirty when prompt, remember her distasteful jokes that made her the darling of the main stream media.
Laura Bush and Abortion

Vice Pres. Dick Cheney support homosexual bogus marriages because he has no convictions on marriage and that’s just the way Bush like them. Who cares about convictions anyway? Just because his daughter is a deviant Cheney support to changing the fundamental tradition of our society to make his daughter feel better about herself. Cheney for President in 2008 make as much sense to me as a hammer to the head. The self center-ness of the Bush White House is nearly on the same level as the Clinton years. Bush as surrounded himself with liberals/ neo-cons like the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who is an abortionist and US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is pro-affirmative action and against parental-notification and probably pro-illegal immigration.

The rule of law means nothing to these people nor does the concept of right form wrong. The liberal socialist left-winger is the Blame America First people while the Bush administration is the Sell America First people. These liberals and neo-cons in the Bush administration have sold America short and they are in the money.


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