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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why are Republicans on Wall Street so Wrong on Illegal Immigration?

Kudlow's Money Politic$ is a financial news/Wall Street blog that I like very much, but i disagree with Larry Kudlow's position on the Dubai Ports Deal, Uncontrolled Trade with China and Illegal Immigration. As a matter of fact, Money Politic$ was the first blog i placed on my blogroll and the only blog i regularly post comments. But for the life of me i cannot understand why Republicans like Larry Kudlow have no problem with thing that endanger America like illegal immigration and trade with China. These self-describe conservatives cannot understand that we can make money as a nation without putting a gun to our heads. These are the same fools that had no problem with America selling all its scrap steel to Japan in the 1930’s while the Japanese were arming up like crazy making ships and plane with that very steel.

Larry Kudlow and the folks at the Wall Street Journal just see cheap labor across the Mexican border and are willing to give up American sovereignty to get that cheap labor. Republicans like Larry Kudlow and the folks at the Wall Street Journal try to portray conservatives that oppose illegal immigration as being anti-immigration, well if law enforcement is anti-immigration then I am illegal immigration. I have no problem with people coming to America from anywhere in the World if it is done in a legal and well regulated manner. I am very pro-Immigration, legal Immigration that provide healthy and well screened people that can contribute to America.

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joseph55555 said...

I think Tom Tancredo should run for President