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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Butt Ugly Guy with Really Hot Babe

Larry Page and girlfriend Lucy Southworth

Its good to see what $12.8 billion get you now a days, Google co-founder and bachelor billionaire Larry Page knows very well. It would kill me if I were this ugly and knowing a girl is way out of my league if it was not for my money. When people see a hot woman with a less than average man they wonder, in Larry Page's case there is no need to wonder. She is not with him for his good looks and i am going to guess that she is not a techie, so she is not with him for good conversation.

Hopefully Laryy remain very rich and him and Lucy have a great life together. But this liberal radical leftist is a joke, he remind me of that old man that marry Anna Nicole Smith. Hopefully Lucy spends alot of his money and reduce the amount he contribute to radical left causes and Dem Party. I always thought this guy was smart but looking at the picture above changed all that, this guy this a super rich fool living in Wonderland. Just Really Really Sad!

If the boys at Google kick me off blogspot for making fun of their boss, you will know why.


AZ said...

Haha, what a self-indulgent fool. Libs always whine about other people being rich, but it's OK if they're rich themselves- like with a lot of things. It's a good thing you don't live in China, they'd probably turn you in to the authorities for making fun of Larry, servant that he is of the PRC's censorship.

supplymadam said...

I hate gummy smiles.

supplymadam said...

I wonder if Lucy Southworth is an heir of Southworth Papers.

Myron said...

This one is very gummy

Anonymous said...

One thought comes to the forfront of my mind while retching at your site; you would have made a great nazi and it's too bad you live in a time were the only way you could be more of an idiot is by using the n-word and being anti-semetic, which isn't likely given the far right's infatuation with Israel.

At any rate ja mein furher

Myron said...

The Nazis were coward socialist left-winger assholes just like you Mr anonymous. Learn some history and stop being a moron. Who the hell gave you the idea that the Nazis were anything but socialist left-wingers?

And from your comment, we all can see the liberal socialist left is still very anti-semetic. Hitler would be proud of you!

CrazyFool said...

She is a fn techie...a stanford phd in fact in biomedical informatics. what the hell do you know?

Anonymous said...

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Arno said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arno said...


!!!! WATCH Lusy Southworth SEX TAPE ONLINE !!!!!


Norak said...

Careful man, Larry owns this blog.

What makes you think he's a Leftist?

"i am going to guess that she is not a techie, so she is not with him for good conversation"

Guess again. She's doing a doctorate in bioinformatics at Stanford.

"The Nazis were coward socialist left-winger assholes just like you"

Socialists? Weren't they right-wing facists?

Arvind Narayanan said...

she is in fact a techie, you ignorant troll.

vikaryan said...