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Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Honor Killings" are Prove of Muslim Radical Liberalism

Instead of doing the normal thing and killing the asshole that sexually assaulted their sister or other female relative, certain cowed Muslim males take their frustrations out on that female victim. Only the sick liberal mind can punish the victim of a horrible crime such as rape for being a victim. In certain parts of the Muslim World the killing of female relative that are the victim of rape is perfectly acceptable, while the rapist is allow to go free. In these places being the victim of rape is a high crime, even higher than committing rape itself.

Some times women are rape by male relatives and than are murdered by other male relatives. This backward sense of honor is true contemporary liberalism, the kind of liberalism that the ACLU goes out of their way to defend. These weak males are not man, real man are not afraid to confront other males that dishonor their sister or other female relative and family. Real man don’t blame victims for the crime committed against the victim and kill the victim because they themselves don’t have the balls to go after male criminals their own size.

By beating up on their female relatives and killing them, these bums are the ones bring real dishonor to their families. These bums must be retarded if they think killing family members are honor killings. An honor killing is putting a nice lead bullet in the head of a rapist who victimize a female relative!


supplymadam said...

And they call Islam the religion of peace? I guess that is peace to them. It is time to bring these countries to the 21st century.

mushroom club said...

Islam and Christianity are both peaceful religions but followers of both are can express hate and harm and kill which is dead wrong for both religions so before putting down another religion remember that