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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Only $240 Billion to Remove All Illegal Immigrants

Today Sen. Ted Kennedy slipped and told the American people how much it would cost to send back all the illegal immigrants to their respective homeland. $240 billion is the projected cost of deporting the 12 million illegal immigrants that are here now. The bastard politician have been saying it would be impossible to deport the 12 million illegal immigrants that are here but $240 billion doesn’t sound impossible to me. This nation is nearly $9 trillion in debt so whats another $240 billion? I say if we spend $240 billion to deport the 12 million Mexican flag waving illegal immigrants, it would be money well spent.

But I do think this $240 billion is an over estimate by people who are against the deportation of illegal immigrants and are trying to scare America with an overly high estimate. The removal of the foreign flag wavers could cost the taxpayers of this country nothing if it is done right. If the employers of illegal immigrants were made to answer to the laws of the land, the illegal immigrants would lose their source of income and would have to self deport themselves And if Western Union, MoneyGram and other money wiring service companies were made to require proof of legal residency to send money overseas, illegal immigrants would be force to go back to their home country to take care of their dependence.

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