"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Friday, March 24, 2006

This Dirty Liberal Skank Uttered the Name Jesus

What would Jesus think of your unweaving support of abortions? This asshole that support abortions up to and including the 9 month has some nerve using the name of Jesus to defend illegal immigrants. Hillary Clinton and other socialist liberals throw temper tantrums when people mention the fact that Jesus is 100% against the murder of innocent human beings. I wonder if her skank husband ever infected her with some STD that causes mental illness.


A View From the Sidewalks said...

If you are a beleiver in Christ, and a follower of Him, how would he feel about your nasty hatefulness?

I don't think Jesus would call anyone such nasty names. To renounce their beleifs and behavior is absolutely acceptable, but SPEAK THE TRUTH IN LOVE.

I would say Jesus is 100% against this post.

supplymadam said...

The woman makes no sense. And they complain about GW? Can we feel good about calling her Commander in Chief? Not me. She's a loony toon. I don't think she has anything better to offer this country.

libbyrall said...

"dirty liberal skank"?

How very Christian of you.

Myron said...

hey supply, the only thing she has to offer America is communism. And the reason she makes no sense is because she and the entire Dem Party want to be on both sides of each issue.

hey libby, thats right "dirty liberal skank" both her and her husband.

And don't give me that whole "How very Christian of you" deal, why do liberal think that grade school tactic of trying to define your opponent for the propose of limiting your opponent still work.

I did not make them dirty liberal skanks, i am just stating the obvious.

Open Marriage = Skanks

calling a rapist a rapist is not calling him names, it just stating the facts. If i were to say "Bill Clinton is a rapist' it wouldn't be name calling because he rape his wife and another woman that we know of and tried to rape or forced himself onto another.

Libby, Tkanks for stop using that fake pic of the girl with glasses. Using someone else's face to post is in poor taste.

AZ said...

She probably angered her liberal base, in that she didn't say "Gaia" or "Marx" instead. (But don't worry, pinkos- that's what she meant!)