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Friday, March 10, 2006

Arm Your Child for School with this Weapon

A simple voice recorder for less than $60 Let your kid recorded that leftist propaganda spewing teacher and send it to the New Media. With this weapon of true you can help take back our schools from the liberal socialist left by exposing their bias and lies. This particular model is the Olympus VN-480PC Digital Voice Recorder with Mac or PC Link, perfect for uploading and easily e-mailing your files to the Media. The 8 hours of recording time in LP Mode is just right for the average school day to keep all your kids teachers in check.

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Anonymous said...

Schools spew leftist propaganda? If you're a nazi maybe, but to anyone not on the extreme right they seem more inclinded to view the United States positivly, and skim over all the massacres, fraud, racism, corruption, etc., or does not holding up the U.S. as an infalible paragon constitute leftist propaganda? Please clarify, or risk sounding like an idiot.