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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Homosexual Adoption

Homosexuals adopting children is the next stupid idea of the twisted liberal socialist left since the idea of killing them with abortions. What will these morons think of next?


supplymadam said...

On this I have to disagree with you. There are plenty of homosexual parents that are actually better than heterosexual couples. Mainly because they REALLY want kids and show them love because they are very sensitive people. I also think it will make their children more accepting individuals. After all isn't it better that these unwanted children have a loving and secure home instead of ending up with some foster parent that beats them or worse kills them?

Matthew said...

You are very narrow minded far right. It is your way or the highway I can tell. I feel sorry for you cause you prbabaly believe the shit you spew out of your mouth. Did you ever stop to wonder why people hate red necked right winged Americans. It is because of ignorant comments like that. Gay people are humans as well and deserve to be descrimination free. Sure they can not naturally have babies. I guess you think god made it that way so why change it. I got news for you we dont know if there is a god, your faith is blind. You should not judge the others by their sexual orientation.

Myron said...

Ok adoption is a great thing but I don’t think single individuals should be allow to adopt, only married couples should be allow to take a child into their home. This makes adoption much safer for children than having a single man or woman take full charge of a helpless child. Since homosexuals can never attain the dignity of a man and a woman in marriage, they should not be allowed to adopt. To me they are the same as single man trying to adopt and that’s a big no no. The Homosexual Mafia care more about spreading their BS than adoption or anything else, take for example the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. They want to march with a banner proclaiming their homosexually and when the organization that put together the Saint Patrick's Day Parade tell them no, they get upset calling people all sort of names.

Could it be that some thing should not be about sex, what if a swingers group wanted to march in the parade with a banner proclaiming their swinging lifestyle? The thing is homosexuals are not prevented from marching but rather not allow to carry a banner about sexual lifestyle. No one care who marches, only thing people care about is keeping a tradition alive without liberal pollution. Adoption is not about sexual lifestyle; it’s about children and not one group’s agenda. And I hope one day all the kids placed with a homosexual or homosexuals sue the f out of states and organization that placed them into phony families.

Myron said...

thanks Matthew for your very sensitive comment, calling me a red necked and trying to attack my faith shows your inability to discriminate on any levels. I wonder what other selected groups you think should be descrimination free.