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Sunday, March 12, 2006

We Must Make English the Official Language by Law in USA

I am disgusted to see official state and federal public documents in every language under the Sun. Spanish speaking people who hold up lines at the supermarket, post office and other public places piss me off as a result of their inability to communicate in English. Who the hell people think they are moving to a country and refusing to learn the language and culture. They are trying to get away from their Third World existence in their home country and coming to America but they are refusing to let go of the customs and traditions that made their home country into the Third World shit hole it is, like Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

America has been too nice, in the past new comers to America went out of their way to adopt and learn the American Way but now these ungrateful border runners show contempt to this tradition. A tradition that’s has put us in the forefront of technology and has kept this country going strong for 300 years. The bums who are unwilling to even try to English and adapt to the framework of America are trying to bring their Third Word here and I will Not Have it. I welcome people with novel and diversified experience that are willing to learn English and basic American norms. I want people that are in love with America from all over the World including Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic and El Salvador, not those who cannot let go of what they are running away from in the first place.


supplymadam said...

We are on our way to a third world country.

Myron said...

It is crazy for this us to allow people to enter this country by just walking across the border. And it’s just nuts for us to allow people to enter this country who have NO interest in becoming Americans.

MC Delta T said...

Is the English language a necessary part of the "American Way"? I thought Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness was. The USA, or as I call it the best country in the world, was founded on these principles and all humans should have a right to them, ideally.

The only reason America speaks English is because most of the people had ancestors who moved there from England and their descendants chose to stay there because it was such a great country.

And you seem to assume that Spanish is what these people are running away from in their homelands. I thought it was poverty. I thought these people came to America in the hopes of making a better life for themselves not because they are sick of speaking Spanish.

And if Spanish people are holding up the lines at the supermarket, they should be faced with irate managers who tell them to hurry up or get out of the store. Of course, they would lose these hispanics as customers.

Alternatively, these stores could hire employees who speak Spanish which would have the additional advantage of providing jobs for these immigrants.

And what's so crazy about being able to enter the best country in the world by just "walking across the border"? Does simply being born in America make you more worthy of being an American than them? In the latter case, you didn't earn your American citizenship, your mother did. And you didn't even chose to live in America like the immigrants.

Now I live in Soviet Canuckistan but I eventually hope to move to your country and just because I was born in Canada doesn't mean I don't deserve American citizenship. Of course, you wouldn't have a problem with me because I speak English. But I also learned French. And you can just as well learn Spanish.

1337 ®3|o|_|ß11[4|\| said...

Wow, not only are you a racist but and idiot, although they are both somewhat interchangeable; are you saying that people in the past magical learned English and adapted much more easily? You're comment about "bums who are unwilling to even try to English" is not only grammatically uncorrect but a racist generalization essentially accusing all immigrants of lazyness but also fundamentally idiotic; where do you get off thinking people don't even try to learn English? Also "basic American norms" and your sugggestion of a monolithic "American Way" suggest a total lack of respect for the many and diverse cultures and sub-cultures that exist in the United States (not "America", last time I checked our territory didn't include all of North and South America, although they are mostly neo-colonies). Inconclusion, hijo de puta, I suggest you attempt to not sound like a racist redneck idiot when attempting (note the word choice) to write.

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