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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Devaluation of Human Life: Baby Found Flatten in the Street

I consider the Democratic Party as my mortal enemy, so even the thought of casting a ballot for a dirty socialist Democrat makes me want to vomit. These assholes have succeeded in reducing the worth of a baby’s life to that of an animal and for that I hate them so much.I believe a strong democracy requires at least two parties and three or four would be ideal. But a two party system with one party is totally immoral socialist scum is in my mind can only be describe as ASS. This nation as of today is ass, a country where a newborn baby is found in the middle of the street crushed like a “pen cake” is the words used to describe the seen. As this sad event was reported on the news this morning I was asked, can you believe it? Yes I can, in a nation where approximately 50 million abortions have been committed since 1973 any ungodly thing is believable. We are on a well deserving course to hell as a country and as long as we have immoral socialist sacks of shit leading us the devaluation of human life is a gauge how fast we are going down this course.

I just cannot accept in NEW YORK, just a few miles away from me that a baby could be found in the street squashed I hope someone get the damn electric chair for doing this

What news to start a day with? Just depressing


supplymadam said...

What a sad story that was. Yep we are turning more and more into a country of immoral assholes.
Hey I live in NY too!

Myron said...

saddest story I have hear this year so far

Myron said...

And i have heard some sad stuff