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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jason McElwain, True Life Hero

No Limit Jason McElwain is an autistic teen attending Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York. He failed to make the varsity team but because of his love and passion for basketball, he stayed with the team as their manager. For the last home game of the season, the coach had Jason suite up and he got to play in his first basketball game of the year. And he came up big with s stunning performance , sinking six three-pointers and another 2-pointerfor shot for a total of 20 points, all in the last three minutes of game. 20 points in just four minutes of playtime by Jason McElwain and the fact that it was his first real game demonstrates that there is no limit to the human spirit for success.

Click on this Link to View Video of Jason McElwain in the game


supplymadam said...

What a touching story. Where's the spin on this story because Bush met with him?

Myron said...

its just the coolest story i have heard in a long time. The MSM can't touch him becaue he met with Pres. Bush but i bet the picture he took with Bush pissed the leftist bums off