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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bush: Conservatives are all Racist and Sexist if They Don't Agree with Me

I am sick of the Bush administration-calling conservatives who disagree with them by names such as demagogue, racist and/or sexist. The Bush administration has adopted the age-old liberal strategy of labeling and name calling when they cannot win on the issues at hand. The first time I saw this disgusting strategy from the Bush administration was with the Harriet Miers nomination and how they tried to deal with conservative opposition. Being called a sexist from liberals is nothing new or offense to me, I think of it as a badge of honor. But when a so-called conservative Republican administration call me a sexist because of my political opposition to their weak, dubious and shameless Supreme Court nominee it makes me mad.

Instead of presenting a logic argument for the UAE Ports Deal they resorted to name-calling and because of that one fact I became 100% against it. These folks in the White House are nearly all damn liberals who think that the 60% to 70% percent of the American public that question the UAE deal are racist. And the UK is not like the UAE because a bunch of Englishmen did not murder 3000 American five years ago. Being called a racist on U.S. security concerns are a badge of honor too because words like racist, sexist and homophobe are what liberals use when they are losing an argument.


Malott said...

I must have missed what you're talking about. I thought President Bush made a good, reasoned presentation of the UAE deal once it hit the news.

You may be right... that it would have been bad for our country's security, but I think the deal's collapse will come with a price, too.
I like your site.

Myron said...

I was reluctant about the deal in the beginning but after learning more about it I was coming around. However, when they started calling people who had questions about it racist, I became completely against it.