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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Abortion Love Affair of the Liberal Socialist Left

Leftist Liberal's Trash Bag

The death of innocent human beings brings great joy to the Liberal Socialist Left, which they see as their human right. How sad it is when one person’s right is the death of another? The ACLU and other Liberal Socialist Leftist organization have drill the idea that a woman has the right to kill a child as long as it is her own.

Doctors that are inline with the Liberal Socialist Left ignore the Hippocratic Oath everyday of their lives. These shameless scumbags that called themselves doctors who get up each day and go to their respective abortion mill took an oath. They swear to first do no harm as doctors but today they crash and then pull babes to pieces for five hundred dollars a pop.

The Liberal Socialist Leftist that control so much of the media avoid the details of their American Genocide and Worldwide Genocide of the most innocent and defenseless among us. The media promote the skank and slut lifestyle to young girls all in a seemingly twisted attempt to ensure the abortion mills get a steady fellow of homicide intended customers.

The love affair Liberal Socialist Left has for abortion is impossibly for rational people to understand. Much like a normal person cannot understand the sickness of pedophiles, a normal person cannot understand the institutionalize murder of human being forced on the World by the Liberal Socialist Left.


supplymadam said...

Don't the libs also support "NAMBLA". No wonder this country is going down the toilet.

Myron said...

they support anything that hurt children

Anonymous said...

You are sick sick sick little neo-fascists...