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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Things Radical Leftist Liberals Getaway With is Sickening

Michael Steele

the way liberals see black conservatives.

If a white conservative or any conservative did to a non-white person what white liberals did to Michael Steele the leftist media would drag that conservative through mud and broken glass. Where was the NAACP when Democratic web-sites posted the nasty picture? I guess the NAACP was at trhe same place the National Organization for Women was during the 90's when Clinton was sexually attacking anything in a skirt. These two groups should be ashame, both the NAACP and NOW are in the back pocket of the radical left.

I love female conservatives and I love non-white conservatives because Democrats hate them so much. The only thing that threaten liberal leftist more than a female conservative is a Asian female conservative or a Black female conservative or a Hispanic female conservative. If Democrats lose 10% of the Black vote or lose 10% of theHispanic vote the socialist agenda would be dead. That is why leftist liberals attack female and non-white conservatives so much. Take for example Michelle Malkin, a non white female conservative, she is one of the most hated person in America of the leftist machine. If you do a search of her name and find the thing the left-wingers say about her it would make you sick to your stomach.


supplymadam said...

And the funny part is how many people are starting to see their stupidness.
They are the new hypocrite party.

BillyBlogBob said...

Provide Democratic websites that posted this pic please. Thanks.

Myron said...

Liberal blogger Steve Gilliard created the pic, it was first posted on his blog before other leftist blogs picked it up. Even the Maryland Democratic Party site at a link to the sick post by Gilliard. Because Mr. Gilliard is black white racist dems feel free to attack black conservatives Steele by hiding behind him. Tim Kaine, the new Democratic governor of Virginia had to pull advertisement off Gilliard's blog during his Gubernatorial race last year after conservative blog expose the nasty pic of Steele. So DNC money was going to this guy.

Myron said...

i don't post liberal blogs or sites, you can find Steve Gilliard site by searching for his name and you can find Maryland Democratic Party site by searching for it. Liberal Free Zone here