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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Medical Professionals Have Killed Millions of Babes, Why can’t They Kill a Damn Rapist/Murder? How many abortion medical professionals are there in California, 1,500 or 3,000? One of them should be able to inject a rapist and murder with some poison. Every abortion doctor and nurse have forgotten or have thrown out the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm in order to do their everyday butcher work.

Michael Morales

Terri Winchell

I cannot believe in a state the size of California they can't find a medical professional to inject the bastard Michael Morales with a nice lethal dose of barbiturates. He was convicted and sentance to death 25 years ago for the torture, rape and murder of 17-year old Terri Winchell, whose body was found in a secluded vineyard like a piece of trash. This animal Michael Morales has played the system for 25 years and now U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel is aiding him by imposing conditions the state cannot meet. The damn judge ordered the state to use medical professionals to do the execution knowing no responsible medical professionals would do the deed. The execution of the scumbag Morales was cancelled after prison officials in California could not find a doctor or nurse willing to administer the lethal injection. I want to know if the prison officials called the damn abortion doctors and nurses? Dirty liberal leftist scum have no problem murdering innocent unborn humam beings but cannot find it in their twisted leftist liberal hearts to kill a mutant like Morales.
Morales strangled Terri Winchell with a belt, hitting her with a hammer 24 times, and when that failed to kill her, finally stabbing her in her heart to death while he raped and mutilated her body. Damn liberal leftist abortion doctors and nurses i bet are using the hippocratic oath to protect this shit. Believe it or not, I am against the death penalty but i cannot understand the damn morons that protest the execution of damn animals like Morales while turning a blind eye to the thousands of babes killed each day in this country. While i am against the death penalty, i shed no tear for criminals that torture, murder and rape that are put down.


supplymadam said...

Looking at him and seeing her it just makes me either want to cry or just so bindly angry.

V said...

I am against the death penalty because I want to see people like this guy killed. I know that's WAY too nuanced and subtle an argument for an idiot wack job like you to understand, but it has to do with government not yielding to the most irrational, lizard-brain tendencies in the human animal. Saving us from our own worst, most vengeful instincts.

But I don't expect you to understand, Mr. Pro-Life, Pro-War. Just another limpdick idiot, you are. Sorry you have to substitute war posturing and jingoistic nationalism for true love of country because your sex life is so dismal, but really, that's what it always comes down to for cons: sexual jealousy.

Myron said...

what the hell is this guy talking abour

supplymadam said...

Got me. Sounds like more of nothing!

Myron said...

Didn’t I say I am against the death penalty, read the post you liberal bitch before you give me your leftist crap

I bet you would watch as some animal like Morales rape and kill your sister or mother.

If it was up to leftist scumbags like you we would be speaking German, i am proud of the great Americans who went to Europe during WW2 and killed as many Nazis as they could. What the fuck you give a person that brings you WAR? A cup of tea? NO you give them WAR like HELL. Stop being a big pussy you liberal worm

Being Pro-War is very Pro-Life but i bet that is too nuance and subtle an argument for you to understand.

But you will figure it out when someone is breaking into your home trying to kill your family

Myron said...

who the hell is this V dude what a nut

supplymadam said...

What an asshole!

Myron said...

Do you have a blog supplymadam?

supplymadam said...

No. Because I just never seem to get around tuit.