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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lets Talk About AIDS

Have you seen the new Let’s Talk About AIDS ad campaign? I say okay let’s really talk about AIDS but not in the liberal manner with no blame or answers. I want people with AIDS to give the truths, why don’t Earvin "Magic" Johnson give the kids the real story on how he got AIDS? I want people to know that most of the people with AIDS got it by cheating on their wife like Magic Johnson or using intravenous drugs or just having one too many sex partners like Magic Johnson again.

Only people with AIDS I have sympathy for are the health care workers who got it by accident taking care of degenerates with the AIDS, child born with the disease because one or both of their parent are degenerates and the wives who got it from their cheating degenerates husbands like Magic Johnson. And now in our degenerating liberal society some of these degenerates are cheating on their wives with other men making easier for AIDS to spread to their wives.

The people who contracted AIDS through no fault of their own only make up a small percentage of the people with AIDS. The other set of people with AIDS do not want to tell the truth about their situation so how can we talk about AIDS and really help people without the truth? Liberal SOBs want to talk about AIDS in the abstract when we can really help put a end to this disease before it kill more innocent people like the wife sitting at home waiting for her husband while he is out picking up a prostitutes. Lucky i don't think Magic Johnson's wife was infected because of her nasty husband's actions.

A person who infect his or her spouse with AIDS or a person knowing he or she is infected with AIDS and still have sex with other who they do not inform thus infecting them should face life imprisonment or even capital punishment. Now that’s some real talk about AIDS!

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