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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Proof of Iraqi WMDs and Cover-up Program Will be on ABC Nightline News Tomorrow

A CD of Saddam talking about WMDs and detailing what he will do in the event of an America invasion of Iraq is in the hands of John Loftus of Intelligence Summit and will be played to the public for the first time on ABC News tomorrow night.

What will liberal who say President Bush lyed about WMDs do when they hear Saddam talking about using them on America? What will anti-American liberal leftists who are against the war in Iraq say when they hear Saddam talking about hidding his WMDs as recently as 2002? What will the Democrats who say wrong war wrong place wrong time when they hear Saddam talking about what country he is going to send his WMDs to if America invade Iraq? What will those crazy leftist who say we should leave Iraq now when they hear this CD. Stupid Dems have dug them self in a hole and their is no getting out. Oh God, i just realized the only person that will be left standing in the Democratic Party will be Hillary Clinton.

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supplymadam said...

I am waiting with baded breath!